Carcassonne: The Castle

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knizia has taken a wonderful game and given it a very nice tweek. not for the faint at heart though.


A spinoff that makes a few significant changes to the formula without losing Carcassonne's charm


Nice game, with tons of interesting decisions. Knizia takes the basic Carcassonne idea and kicks it up a notch. Not as easy to play, but quite rewarding.


Like Carcassonne, but with a little more depth and streamlined gameplay. If this played more than 2 players it would be an easy 10 for me.


Tile placement


A variant of Carcassonne with some unique mechanisms to set it apart a little bit. Not enough of a difference for me to need to own both.


2-player only


This is a very good, quick-playing 2p game. There are some differences between this and the other Carcassonnes that I have played: the shape of the field remains constrained, the only tile sides that have to match are the paths, and one rarely gets points for unfinished buildings and/or paths at game end. All of this leads to a lot more flexibility and opportunities in tile placement. The scoretrack runs along the castle walls, which is also a cute touch. Finally, the wall tiles make for some interesting twists and force some sub-optimal plays just to be able to grab a wall tile.


2 players 40 minutes


Light and relaxing play like regular Carcassonne with a little more depth of strategy. I never thought we’d find this game but we stumbled upon it at a garage sale.


By removing the jigsaw puzzle aspect of the original, this game throws open the decision space and makes the game [i]so much[/i] more interesting. The house/keep mechanic, the bonus tiles, the illusion of freedom that reveal itself to actually be self-directed levels of constraint are all ingenious. Since I almost exclusively play Carcassonne 2p, I don't really see a reason to play the original anymore. Leave it to Knizia to make the best game in the Carcassonne franchise.


2-player version of Carc. Better than Carc, I think. And shorter too :)


Fun two person game, but at the end of the day its Carcassonne.