Space Freaks


In Space Freaks, you manage a team of fighting Freaks. You first build your Freaks, combining different body parts to design the perfect Freaks, and then lead your team of Freaks into the arena of battle! The Arena Master will give you tasks, or you can just go about destroying other Freaks or their bases,or controlling the center of the arena!

Space Freaks has ultimate replayability due to the infinite combinations of body parts you can use when building your Freaks. And with all the unique items, special actions and missions given to you, no game will ever play the same!

* Double-sided game board
* 24 Plastic figures
* 24 Figure bases
* 4 Player boards
* 110 Freak cards
* 35 Arena-Master cards
* 70 Mission cards
* 60 Sponsor cards
* 50 Hexagonal tokens
* 17 Wooden cubes
* 5 Wooden discs
* Score Track
* Rules booklet

MSRP: $69.95Lowest: $22.80

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