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Well-designed, to be sure, with the exception of two glaring (for me) problems: a) Mr. Brown dominates, and b) mess up your first turn and you're hosed. I'm not sure I enjoy the underlying mechanics enough to make up for those issues.


I can see a lot that I like. Area majority games are among my favourites. Always want to do more than one thing with my turn and the decision of card vs. museum is difficult. The end scoring is a little anti-climatic. I like that it plays in under 1 hour.


I've only played once with the two player version, but this really did seem pretty cool. I could definitely see 3-4 player games being awesome.


Prototypical "super-filler". Plays fairly quickly, enjoyable. It seems to me that this game suffers from unbalanced roles. The violet girl with +1 cube per season is way more powerful than the two gimpy "place more cubes on the board at once" cards. My brown is useless later in the game, though the pyramid guy retains his tactical usefulness (it's always good to have one of him around). Reducing my rating from 7.8 to 6.7 due to the obviousness of the choices you'll make. 2007-11-19: I gave this to my church's youth group this past Sunday. I hope they enjoy it!


After 4 plays. This is a fun little game and I like that it finishes in about 45-50 minutes. Setup is not that long and neither is the explanation of the rules. PBEM - 2008/07/19 - Found out I was playing some of the rules wrong! PBEM - 2008/09/25 PBEM - 2008/12/16 PBEM - 2008/12/24 PBEM - 2009/01/20 PBEM - 2009/02/23 2006-09-26 - Bought 2010-10-16 - Sold at Fallcon 23


right now I kind of always want to play this!!!