Dogs of War

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Sort of a longer, more meaty version of Biblios. Waaay overproduced. Would be much more appropriate with wooden pawns instead of the plastic minis. Pure Eurogame. There's no theme here, folks. Not that that matters as far as the game goes, but the minis don't contribute anything but make it look like a toy and add to the cost, no doubt.


Cons: The negotiation aspects have been exaggerated, and like many worker-placement games the possibility for AP is very high. Pros: Very pretty, very clean, but with lots of moving parts nonetheless. The shifting board setup alone guarantees a lot of variability. The various resources--cash, cards, influence, captains, soldiers--all interact in lots of interesting ways for you to leverage. All in all, definitely an upper tier worker-placement game.


This is a very intriguing take on worker placement that manages to be slyly innovative and really good.




Include some very interesting decision, how to earn the most point, when to jump off a sinking ship, but the downtime is quite high for 5p


Beautiful quality euro-with-negotiation game. Characters aren't especially balanced, but that's less important in an open ended game like this one. I freaking love the minis in this and I typically don't care about plastic.


My favorite Euro hands down. My whole family and all my friends will play it (where other war themed games might not go over well). Many strategies can work. Awesome player interaction, intrigue and changing of allies. My favorite mechanic in a game: "tug of war" where players decide which side of the 3 battles to add their strength. My personal #1 game of all time. I can't believe it's not more popular.