Civilization: A New Dawn

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Couple of ...

by Robertcompton

Couple of games in now and still undecided about it.


Really lik...

by Baltasilian

Really liking this after 3 games. + Compresses the experience of the Civilization computer games in just a few hours. I'm impressed how much of it they were able squeeze in such a relatively simple rule set. + Easy enough to get into even for people not familiar with the Civ series. + Feels like a euro, but with a good deal of direct confrontation, especially in the end-game. + Turns play quickly. Action selection reminds me of Concordia or Scythe. + Plays great at 2 players. - Movement and combat are a bit tricky to figure out - how and when do terrain modifier apply. It takes a game or two to internalize these rules. Downloaded player aid helps a lot.