Civilization: A New Dawn

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Tentative rating. What's clever is really clever--the focus board and its interaction with the map is truly excellent. That said, the early game is vastly more compelling than the late game, the techs are workmanlike but uninspired, and I somewhat doubt that the game could withstand much player conflict--though I'm open to being proven wrong. The absurd theming of so-called "civilization" games is also starting to get to me. Having Montezuma conquer Buenos Aires (right next door to Mount Everest and Geneva) while erecting Big Ben out of mercury using pottery is... something. [EDIT] Indeed, the endgame spirals out of control if even one player is reasonably aggressive. Defense becomes impossible and attacks borderline trivial. The game ought to over soon after, but things get real wonky in the meantime.


Played twice: 4-player and 2-player. It doesn't scale well to 2. I don't like the simplified tech and barbarians are not very scary.




Couple of games in now and still undecided about it.


Really liking this after 3 games. + Compresses the experience of the Civilization computer games in just a few hours. I'm impressed how much of it they were able squeeze in such a relatively simple rule set. + Easy enough to get into even for people not familiar with the Civ series. + Feels like a euro, but with a good deal of direct confrontation, especially in the end-game. + Turns play quickly. Action selection reminds me of Concordia or Scythe. + Plays great at 2 players. - Movement and combat are a bit tricky to figure out - how and when do terrain modifier apply. It takes a game or two to internalize these rules. Downloaded player aid helps a lot.