Unconditional Surrender! Case Blue (USCB) is a small, free Print-n-Play two player game covering the World War II military campaigns fought in southern Russia during 1942-1943. One side controls the Axis forces, while the other side controls the forces of the Soviet Union.

GMT Games printed it, with real counters, in their C3I magazine issue #28 in 2014.

USCB is a derived from the game Unconditional Surrender! World War 2 in Europe (USE). Using essentially the same mechanics (plus naval units, strategic warfare, diplomacy, etc.), USE covers the entire war in the European Theater. With only 80 counters, a small map, and much shorter rulebook, Unconditional Surrender! Case Blue provides an opportunity to try out the core of USE's systems.

Design Highlights

  • Scale: army and air fleet level units; 30 miles per hex; monthly turns
  • Simple Stacking: Up to one air and ground unit per hex.
  • No Factors on Counters: There are no combat or movement factors on the counters.
  • Single Combat System: One combat resolution sequence and Combat Results Table covers air and ground combat, but the results differ for each type.
  • Integrated Movement/Combat System: Units move and fight in a combined activation.
  • Historical or Variable Entry: Units and events can enter play using an historical or variable time line.

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Unconditional Surrender! Case Blue

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