Caught by an eldritch storm in the Devil's Triangle, a luxury ocean liner gets stranded on a mysterious island. The first survivors to set foot ashore watch in awe as mighty dinosaurs emerge from the extraordinary vegetation...

At first, you are a castaway, struggling for mere survival. As days turn to months, and months to years, you persevere. You raise walls, build a city, and form a new society, slowly understanding this strange land — your new home. Through great sacrifice and tenacity, the menacing beasts inhabiting these lands slowly become your companions. Riding the dinosaurs that once kept you in fear, you know you are ready to claim the island, and start writing the history of a new civilization.

Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles is a euro-style dice-drafting / dice-placement game featuring player-constructed worker placement areas and hex-based exploration and adventuring. The game consists of five episodes, telling the story of a group of survivors becoming a mighty civilization on a hostile island. The theme unfolds through narrative elements, as well as evolving game mechanisms. The episodes are playable as standalone games with various lengths and complexities, but also as a continuous story. The outcome of each episode influences the next, but the game has no legacy elements and no hidden rules; the whole storyline is infinitely replayable.

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Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles

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