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My wife and I LOVE this game. It is strictly an exercise in working memory, attention to detail, and visual/spatial awareness as you attempt to stack spheres while also adhering to as many rules as possible to score the most points. This game is quick and easy to teach but it definitely appeals to a specific type of person.




Crazy quick to pick up!


Too easy to complete nearly every puzzle perfectly. A single mistake basically takes you out of the running. Cool idea but wasn't for us.


A neat and hugely accessible puzzle game. The game boils down to three factors; quickly parsing the objective cards, identifying the potential contradictions, and maximizing the total number of spheres used. The addition of the sand timer helps keep the game moving and creates a mildly chaotic air, but I and others have found the sand timer too long. Several situations have occurred where multiple players have optimally placed each sphere and are left waiting for the sand to expire. And even if the formation isn't mathematically optimal, players will very often end up with incredibly similar scoring results. If playing with intelligent adults, the puzzle simply isn't difficult enough. I can imagine this could strike gold in the right family, but it was a miss for my group.


A game that doesn't take long to teach, but is great fun with just about anyone. It's cool seeing how people find different solutions to the same rules that must be followed. When you miss a rule though that you thought you accomplished, you can just feel your heart sink in agony.