Absolutely Aces is a lightning-quick card game of WWI dogfighting, but with cats. Players have open hands of cards representing aerial maneuvers. Each card can block, and be blocked by, certain cards, and each card you play will generally find itself into your opponent's hand. When you play a card that your opponent cannot block, you win the round and score points according to the winning card. The game is played over multiple rounds until one player scores at least fifteen points, winning the game.

This is a game about forcing your opponent to react, so as to maneuver them into a position where they cannot do so. As such, good play is about enforcing deadlock until you are able to break it in your favor. If the mandatory reactions in the same designer's Table Battles get on your nerves, then this one probably isn't for you, because that is in effect the entirety of the game.

This is the third of Hollandspiele's annual holiday mini-games, packed in as a free promotional item on any order of at least two games during their 2018 December sale. Afterward, it will be made available for purchase as a downloadable PNP game.

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