Formula D

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Has gone down a treat with EVERYONE I have played it with. Most games end with the stand up and cheer moment. It is great fun. Still yet to play more than a 1 lap race. Will see how that goes!


Formula D is a risk management game disguised as racing game. Which makes perfect sense, since racing has a lot of risk management. Players have to drive their cars (one per player, or more) around the track for the agreed number of laps. To do so, players roll a die and move the number of spaces of the die. There is a different die for every gear, so cars will move further with higher gears. The genius thing is that all over the track there are curves where cars need to stop a minimal number of times or they'll crash. And cars can't change to any gear they want, they can only move up and down one or two gears per turn or they'll damage the gearbox. Then there are lots of optional rules that players can enforce like weather and stuff. The first time we played, the game took a very long time. Since then, we've enforced a very simple fix: players can't count spaces before moving the car, and when they are moving the car (and counting at the same time) they can't move back. This makes the game go along much faster and also provokes many more mistakes and crashes, both of which are fun. Formula D can be a very light game or it can be much more involved (if you play with all the optional features), but it is always a riot.


Simple to play and a lot of fun. Push your luck with the dice or play cautiously. Plays with up to 10! Don't play with people who like to count their move and re-adjust. Just roll and go!


This one was fun for a race game. I'm just not into cars or driving so Road Kill Rally is more of the game for me. I would pick this one up again for sure if I saw a good price on it.






2-10 players (best 5-8) 60 minutes


I like Formula D enough. I wish the cars were more durable and went a little faster.


Like it, but we almost never have the time to play two laps, so the dynamic of the game is a little off


Great condition, played about ten times over the past three years.


Mechanics match theme? Check. Fun and strategic? Yes. Kinda mathy? Yeah...yeah, it's a bit heavy in the math.


The best roll and move game available (though, honestly what does that even say?). The cornering, gear shifting, and tire wear mechanisms make this game really fun and decently thematic. There is not much room for strategy, but a well timed press for luck can really mix things up. The strange part of this game is that without enough players the board is too open, but with too many the game takes an eternity, and that equilibrium point is hard to lock down. But, if you are looking for a game to play while shooting the breeze, this a good fit. Find a track with a load of corners and let the dice roll. Hopefully, someone will explode.


(8/16) 6. (10/17) Drop to 5. I really like this game and I don't find myself drawn to racing games generally. I love that it plays so many. It's just the tiniest bit on the long side and a little light-ish for me to feel very compelled to bring it out too often.


Dicechucking racing game. Fits me like a glove but confusing rules