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Great game, totally diferent for what I was custom to... my first designer game


I mainly picked this up because it's such a classic. And I enjoyed it. But the minimum player count of 3 means I don't play it with Dal, and the classic-ness of it means it is least likely to be played when newer games are unplayed.


This game only pretends to be fun. Play it a lot, and you'll realize it is mostly just waiting, frustration, and random luck very little interaction or strategy. Likely 2003 edition. The Settlers of Catan


Only own digital copy.


Love it - will still play at any time. I love when a newbie to the hobby will gush about this "great new game called Settlers of Catan..." Oh, let me open your eyes! The gateway game. If they don't like it, give it up and find a new friend, lol.


My gateway into the hobby. Still one of my favorites. It doesn't hit the table much since there are so many other, newer games to play but I would never turn down a game of Catan of any flavor. Expansion Owned: Cities and Knights, The Seafarers, Traders and Barbarians, 5-6 Player Extension, Travel Edition


Fun eurostyle game. I usually like a little more thematic elements (ameritrash) but we very much enjoyed this one. Intend to buy it but a little put off by the expansions plus player number expansions that are necessary. Kind of seems like a money pit.


I think the big thing for me is it just doesnt deliver what I now know games can deliver. Never that exciting, never that tense, never that puzzley.


I don't get it, man. Too much is swayed by what the dice tell you and when. Plus, if you mess up during the two minutes of initial settlement placement, the next forty-five won't mean a thing. The whole enterprise stagnates when a rare resource doesn't enter the game ("Anyone got wheat? Anyone? Still no?), which oddly seems to be intentional.


3-4 60


I finally got to play Catan and I can completely understand how it became a classic. I think it does a lot of things well and even though some people don't like the luck of the dice I don't mind it. My main complaint is that it can go a little longer than I'd like.


Classic entry-point to the hobby. I've just played it too many times to really be interested anymore.


3-4p Laser-cut custom board.


Upped my rating to an 8 on this one. Very easy to learn and play. Most of the fun comes from the banter between players throughout the game. I'll be keeping this one top shelf for a while.


The standard gateway boardgame. Its definitely fun, though it loses its appeal once you move onto other slightly more complex games from there.


Like a lot of people, this game was an introduction to the new era of boardgaming for me. While a lot of games have surpassed it, it's good to remember how important this game was when it first came along.


Had to list this here! We played Die Siedler von Catan with some friends in Germany in July of 1998. Almost bought a German version because we didn't know if we could find a copy in the US - but we decided to check our local game store once we got home. There it was on the shelf, for a whopping $50. We were newlyweds with little income, but we squeezed out a few bucks. And our gaming hobby was born!


Catan is a classic game and I like it. But I do think it is a little bit dry.


Tom Vasel's Top 100 2012 #83


Go to game as a lot of my friends have gotten hooked on this game. Usually at the top of the list for game night. Only play the base version when teaching it to someone new. From there, C&K is always used. Have not played the other expansions yet. update 7/7/17: Now that I have a collection of games, this has drifted to the bottom of the shelf. Wouldn't play this game unless it was with an expansion.


Like many, this started it all for me. It has lost the appeal it once had though. It could be the setup, but if that were it, Twilight Imperium (3rd Ed.) would really never get played ever again. :) That can't be it. It's a keeper, as it's MY gateway game.


Fun to play with non players


A friend from church got my flatmates and I into this at the end of September 2004. Since then we spent a few months playing it once a fortnight at his place although we progressed to the [gameid=926] expansion after he got it in early March 2005. I'm not really interested in playing the base game anymore unless it's to teach someone (or to play with someone that won't get/enjoy the addition of Cities & Knights).


Ugh. Not my choice, but I'll play it if it's the only option.


I like this, but tend to play it 2 player and the game is quite unbalanced for 2 players.


I have two copies: The older wooden set is expanded with Seefahrers and the 5&6 players' extensions. The 10th anniversary set with plastic pieces is ideal for a simple 10pt, 4-player game. While I own Seafarers, and the 5/6 player expansion, I no longer wish to play that way. After experimenting with this game system over the years, I prefer to keep it to 4 players or fewer. I like the food stamps variant, or alternatively with the Fishers of Catan small expansion. Trade Values: old Mayfair copy: $20 wooden German edition, paired with Seefahrers box: $50 plastic German edition: $25


too long for what it is.


While it does have some fun negotiation and psychological elements, it's still way too luck based due to dice and draw pile.


Wish we could play more, but it just doesn't have any way to work with only 2 players.


Never gonna be my favorite but it a pretty decent game. My family plays my modified rules, which allows several games to be played...basically my gripe was you get stuck and have to wait for everyone who is getting resources to finish. Mod: As in Knights you get a city at start up. You can trade any card rather than all of one resource. Robber and knight card can steal, but can also just get whatever recsource you put the robber on, pasture gives on sheep card. It of course still blocks the number until moved. That adds velocity to the game and makes it as interesting I think. But we play friendly. May 2007 Parents copy August 2019 $30.28 Parents 2nd copy


Classic game. Can run long at 4 players. Friends own.


classic, but my group and I have outgrown it


A classic, but can start to drag after a while. You really have to be in the mood for this one.


Unfortunately I played this game for the first time in 2018, nearly a quarter century after it came out. I can see why it was so beloved, but with my modern perspective it came off as pretty middling. I think for me the dice provided for a bit too much randomness that more modern card based random engines don't have. I can't see myself ever suggesting to the group that we play this modern classic, but I also wouldn't turn a game down if I couldn't tempt them away.


A Good Gateway game to introduce new players to different mechanics but I find this game becomes boring after a couple of plays. If people are unwilling to trade and you find yourself on crappy tiles you could be playing behind and that is not fun.


One of my first game purchases in the hobby, bought because I and my wife both liked it. --------- This is the first game I teach people that have only ever known the Monopolies and the Risks of this world. --------- No longer my go to starting point with games. I will try Celestia, Ticket to Ride or Forbidden Desert.


This game is simple, easy to learn, fun to play, and is hard to beat. One of the best games ever made, especially once you add the main expansions.


I'd rather play 2/3rd of a game of Bohnanza instead of Catan. It's not a bad game; I just don't ever see myself recommending it amongst all the other games I have.


by 3MBG

Its ok.... but kinda meh


Best-with-4. My first eurogame. It's still fun to play, but I've grown to enjoy other games more. Still one of the best games to introduce new players to eurogames. Every few times each year, we go back and play again and it's still great fun to play. INCLUDED: Settlers of Catan - Seafarers Settlers of Catan - 5-6 Player Expansion Settlers of Catan - Seafarers 5-6 Players The Settlers of Catan: The Fishermen of Catan The Settlers of Catan: The Great River


Still a great game that I love to play, but it is getting harder to get it to the table with so many great medium weight games being released.


SOLD: 2016


I know a lot of people adore this game, but I have NEVER liked it. Even when it was big, and I used to play it a ton. I was friends with a family that was huge into this game, so they played it all the time when I was over, and it always felt like a chore. I literally don't understand the attraction this game still has for people when there's so many better options for a gateway game. Can we just stop playing this game already?


I'm still far from burnt out on Catan however, my copy is too warped to be easy to set up.


Random, player-favoring BS. If players don't want you to win then you won't. If players want someone else to win then they do. We might as well just decide who those people are and call it a day -- save me the time.


No introduction here. Too much RNG. Thinking of implementing one of the expansion rules as a house rules where if you don't get resources from a roll you get a token and 2 tokens equals a resource.


Too much take that slowing down the end game. Early game is fun though.


The game that got me into hobby gaming still mostly holds up.  That said, I just don't really find the "hope for good dice rolls to get enough stuff to build what I want" core mechanic to be all that fun anymore despite the design overall being quite elegant for its age.


A now classic gateway game, the strategy comes from making smart settlement placements and good trades. The game is a little meaner than it leads onto forcing players into take that situations.


Played out for me. Again, too much randomness for the time invested, and honestly the horribly balanced dice that seem to come with every modern copy are unexcuseable for a game that depends so heavily on them.


Garbage randomness.


Resource Management


FULLY SLEEVED 126 x Swan PanAsia sleeve size: Catan: Standard (SWN-017, 160/pack) - (55 x 82mm)


OK game. Too much set in stone with initial settlements. Random resources. Robber and monopoly are infuriating!


4th edition :-/ I seem to remember thicker and sturdier tiles in previous editions.


Played a few times before discovering BGG. Its a fun, easy to each game.



Box has a dent, but includes the 5-6 player expansion


My gateway game. It will always hold a special spot for me for that!


Own 2 copies: one for 3-4 players, one with the 5-6 expansion mixed in.


Fun game, first one that really got me into board-gaming. Multiple bad experiences with salty players and little agency over the game prevents me from wanting to ever really play it


...but I can't stand it.


Maybe I just have the wrong group for it, but everyone is competing for the same resources, so no one wants to trade and we always hit run away leader issues.


I can think of few other games this accessible that can get this level of alliances, bargaining, and power plays.


Brand new, opened but never used




The mechanics are good, but it still seems to take a long time for things to happen.


This is a classic. I don't play it much anymore but it's still a good game. It's the first game I purchase when I started getting into board games.


3-4, 90m


It can be fun but I prefer ticket to ride or co-op games to this!


by klz

I don't like it as much as I used to, but after a year away, it's grown on me again. Can't play it with more than 4 people, though.


This game is what got me introduced to modern boardgames and opened up pandoras box. Now I am hooked and I have Catan to thank. The base game has just lost its appeal. Playing this without Cities & Knights makes me want to gouge my eyes out. I will still play this with new people to try to get them into board games, but I refuse to play just the base game anymore with my main gaming group.


Not much to be said that anyone on this site doesn't already know. Bonus points for being one of the games that showed non-gamers that board games aren't all Monopoly.


(+) Great gateway for new players, nice artwork, variable setup, allows trading between players, good mix of strategy and tactics (-) Really dependent on dice rolls, a lot of "gotcha", robber slows down the game, needs 4 players to get the full experience, can be lots of downtime while waiting for your turn, end of the game drags a bit


This rating dropped from my initial 7. I don't like it as there are many, many more games out there. And it is quite long for what it is about.


A classic and staple of my play group. Sure, the dice mechanic gets people upset at times, but it's just a solid game that can get people into the hobby.