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2-4p Sleeves


I'm a big fan of "putting on a show" games, but this one is a little underwhelming in the show department. The rest of the game is pretty standard. The art is beautiful; maybe one of the prettiest games I've played.


Dark Alley expansion is essential to play with. Without it, this game is just "meh".


The definition of complexity for complexity's sake. Not 4 hours worth of fun.


Not 100% sure how I feel about this game after 1 play. So many fiddly components/rules and the placing-trick mini-game seems completely unnecessary. And then there's the dice rolls and the 1st place player (going into the final round) being severely punished on the final turn due to the turn ordering rules and the theatre performance penalties (where it matters most). Love everything else about the game though.


I absolutely love the theme of this game... it appeals to the inner child within me. I also like that the game is based in the more "nuts and bolts" aspects of putting on a magic show, with elements of mysticism added-in for increased asymmetry. This game rewards careful planning and forward thinking. My wife often says her brain hurts a bit after playing, but she is willing to play if I insist. The game can run a little long, typically taking us ~3+ hours to play. This may improve with time, but the complexity is an aspect that I really enjoy.


2-4 players (best 4) 60-180 minutes


Single play only. Feels like a more advanced Colosseum, which is fine by me


The AP system is brilliant. I love the idea of a WP game that doesn't block people out, but still manages to benefit those that arrive first. However, a very mean type of take-that is prominent both Downtown, and at Market Row, which often feels worse than blocking. The base game is too shallow and short, but the Dark Alley expansion makes the game incredibly long. Granted, everything fits well within that extended duration, but the length will certainly limit plays over its lifetime. I was worried that certain mechanisms would feel tacked on, but in practice found them quite thematic and necessary. It doesn't ooze theme, but considering its a Euro, it comes very close.