7 Wonders

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This does large playercounts very well, but simply drafting and set collection doesn't work for me anymore.


Supports lots of players and provides some interesting decisions. Just not quite enough player interaction.


Tablet app, not physical boardgame


Great quick card drafting game, on its way to become a classic. Just not "heavy" enough for me, but great to play with the appropriate group of players.


My favorite gateway game along with Dominion. So many people can play and it doesn't extend the game length really.


by 3MBG

An excellent, easy to learn game that I will never refuse a game of. I consider this my favourite game I do not own


To me, 7 Wonders is a gaming achievement. It plays up to 7 players with almost no increase in play time (which is quite short to begin with), it's easy enough to teach to new players, it has wonderful components and it is very well balanced. And then, it is a fun game. What can I say? I just enjoy the main drafting mechanic. I think that 7 Wonders is a game everybody should try at least once.


What a great game. 7 Wonders plays quickly with up to 7 players and contains enough meat to make it fun. Variable starting setup makes the game highly re-playable. Having to keep an eye on your neighbours takes the game to even higher levels. Civilization building in 30 minutes. Fantastic. INCLUDED: 7 Wonders: Cities 7 Wonders: Leaders 7 Wonders: Babel


Lots to love about this quick yet deep strategy card-drafting game. This is likely to get lots of plays with our group, but I'm not sure I need a copy in my collection. Trade Interest: Low


Maybe the expansions help make the game less milquetoast? At least it's snappy, even with the full player count. In the end, I'd rather play 7 Wonders Duel.


Promo: Catan A great lighter game. There is enough game here to sink into a bit, but it moves quickly and rewards thinking ahead. While there is some planning / strategizing, particularly in the 2 player variant, the way cards are dealt adds some elements of surprise. Overall, I liked this game a lot!


A great, simple card drafting game. Everything works together. I love the mechanic of playing off of your neighbors.


2-7 Players 30 Minutes


Just got this one, seems good but I have yet to play it with more than 2 players.


Nick owns. I own Duel and I like it better. Player interaction is pretty low, while feeling like a game that should have more than it does. Luck of the draw is clearly an element of the game. Very messy and confusing by the end game with cards absolutely all over the place. Paying attention to every player is beneficial but not feasible, at least for my mind. A solid game but... meh. Duel is still better.


Great game IFF you're playing with other players who know what they're doing. Otherwise can definitely suffer from "take that" mechanics, which can hurt both players for no good reason. Excellent as a 2 player game as well. The expansions are necessary to make the game interesting, because the core game is just too light on its own.


7.8 / 2-7p / 30m / 2.34


Does a good job of transplanting the drafting experience from Magic into a boardgame. Could use more game, but I enjoy having a Magic style draft in a box, and it's useful to have a not terrible game that supports up to 7 players and doesn't last all day


Card drafting


Not as good as duel, but still really solid


FULLY SLEEVED 148 x Swan PanAsia sleeve size: 65x100: Standard (SWN-034, 165/pack) - (65 x 100mm) 9 x Mayday sleeve size: Magnum Copper - Copper: Standard (MDG-7102, 100/pack) - (65 x 100mm) 7 x Swan PanAsia sleeve size: 7 Wonders - wonder boards: Premium (SWN-533, 20/pack) - (110 x 250mm)


One of my all-time favorite games. Card drafting at its finest.


Gave away.


A civilisation card building game spanning 3 ages. Each game lasting around 30 minutes, regardless of the number of players (3-7) which is a big plus. It's fairly easy to learn/teach with most people taking just one game to fully appreciate the mechanics. Direct game play interaction is limited to the players either side of you. The card drafting mechanic whereby cards are passed in one direction until all but one are allotted, provides some potential to limit options to other players. The mechanic can also be seen in Among The Stars. There are various expansions available, none of which are essential to get a feel for the game. :star::star::star::star::nostar: Easy to learn :star::star::halfstar::nostar::nostar: Fun factor :star::star::star::star::nostar: Replay-ability :star::star::star::nostar::nostar: Overall Why the game stays in my collection? The take one card and pass the rest to the player next to you mechanic creates situations where you are torn between picking the best card for yourself or the one that lets other players score the least. The multiple scoring paths and light feel of the game.


https://meeplelikeus.co.uk/7-wonders-2010/ https://meeplelikeus.co.uk/7-wonders-2010-accessibility-teardown/


Includes Broken Token organizer.


This is a very fun game for at least 4 players. I love drafting games, and this one is no different. I love having at least 4 players so that there is one player that you can't influence. The expansions can also give you a good change of pace.


Solid game, science seems super broken though I'm not sure if it's just my play-groups


I don't play 7 Wonders enough to learn all of the icons, so they are always a pain to decifer, especially in the third age, and because I play it so rarely and don't really have too much fun play it, I don't really have too much fun with it and don't play it all that often. The game rules are easy to learn, except for the icons. The game play is fine, but not good. I am not bored or overwhelmed play it, but it doesn't really pull me in. The theme is a bit pasted on (why are our civilizations passing a resource around? At least with Sushi Go, you could say it is a conveyor belt).


A satisfying tableau builder. The iconography is a bit much for newcomers, but it doesn't take so long to catch on that the game suffers too much for it. Given the wide range of cards the game feels like it has more strategic depth than it might actually have. It quickly comes to pass that there are optimal moves in each age and these become obvious. Science needs to be balanced by the people playing, as if one person is able to monopolize it then they will certainly win. This creates a social dynamic at the table and forces you to decide between killing a science card so an opponent can't get it and pick something that might more directly improve your position. I like it.


This is a fine game, but I don't think I've played to the point where I'm really that competitive/strategic with what I'm drafting. And I think that's an issue, since I don't really love the game and have any interest in getting to that point.


Brand New, opened, only played a couple times


Great game that is completely played out by the 3rd play. And I have had to play it dozens of times.


We absolutely love the game with 3 people—great art, great mechanics. Two players works well, but not if you follow the rules in the book, it’s better to use a variation we found online with a 4 player setup. It’s much smoother.


I love 7 Wonders. Very fun, easy to teach. Plays quickly with very little downtime for each person between draft picks. Would love to play more often.


Wonderful game love it! scales 3-7 perfectly


The variability in win conditions is the big draw (along with the theme) for me.


Great game, but terrible with two. Turned on to it by Joe and Lisa. Will not play without Babel expansion again unless teaching new players.


2-7, 30m


Don't like card drafting. That about sums it up.


I have played this game 50+ times and it hasn't gotten old yet. It is a great game and is usually the first one out on our board game nights. 1/3/18: since I wrote this the game has gotten quite old so I bumped it down from an 8 to a 7. I think I'll keep it in my collection though since there are not many games that play so quickly regardless of player count. I still like the game but the strategy is not that deep and there arent many interesting decisions to be made.


Nice production. It's a fun game; card drafting like Fairy Tale but more "fun" :) 2018-10-18 - Bought CG


Ancient civilization-building card game based around a card-drafting mechanic. Sort of like Fairy Tale with scoring that makes more intuitive sense and cards with a stronger theme. Each of the different kinds of cards make sense and give you lots of paths to victory... plus, 3 to 7 players all go at the same speed. The variety of cards and complexity of things like science scoring really hurt this game's score. It's just not the intro game it needs to be.


Draft has always been my favorite competitive Magic: The Gathering format, so I guess I'm not too surprised that I'm a fan of a game that is purely drafting. Plays fast and accommodates a range of numbers of players. Great card quality, with cards being nearly full-art, but a weird size makes them harder to sleeve. Has the unfortunate feature of being one of those games that really cares about how the group is seated when there are different skill levels.


(+) Plays quick regardless of player count (simultaneous actions), easy to teach, cool theme, beautiful artwork, has interesting decisions to make, asymmetry via the player board you start with (-) Theme is not brought out very well in the game play, low player interaction (can feel like everyone is playing their own game), more tactical than strategic at higher player counts


This has been said countless times, but the real triumph of 7 Wonders is how well it scales with player counts. Truly plays just as well with 3 as it does with 7.


Kjartan don't like this.


A great quick game that puts some meaningful decisions to you without ever being highly taxing. Fun, but in need of just one more element.


Fun but very basic drafting game with complicated set collection science rules that take away from what would be a very streamlined experience. A half step up from sushi go taking it from a party game to a family game.


Have Folded Space


Card drafting at its most pure. 7 Wonders does what it does well, but what it does is not particularly interesting. The interaction between neighboring civilization is great in theory, but is rarely strong enough to influence the decisions of players in a meaningful way. The game also feels abridged to a fault, preventing the game from fully embracing its epic scope. There are several different strategies to pursue, which gives the game longer legs than you might otherwise expect, and certainly lends to its popularity. Its certainly a fun game, especially at the medium player counts, but one that has been outdone over time.


Not a bad game, but not enough interaction for my taste.


I really enjoy playing this game but you must have at least three players and it is difficult to teach new players since you almost need to play one full game before you understand how everything fits together.


It's wearing out its replayability, I think. But it's nice to have a game that scales best at seven.


10 outstanding - will always enjoy playing 9 Excellent - very much enjoy playing 8 Very good - enjoy playing and i would suggest it 7 Good - usually willing to play 6 Ok - will play if in the mood 5 Mediocre - take it or leave it 4 Not so good - but could play again 3 Bad - likely won't play this again 2 Very bad - won't play ever again 1 Awful - defies game desciption


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I'm not too big on games where card drafting is the main mechanic, but this really missed the mark with me. The only reason I'll ever play this again is because everyone else in the group might want to.


(10/16) 6. Enjoy it, especially with lower player counts so the cards all come back around. (10/17) Drop to 5.


Pretty nice drafting game. Have to play it with more player counts tho