7 Wonders

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I would make this a 10 myself as I'm always down to play it but it's difficult to get others to join in.


Weight: 2.34 / 5Traded for Survive: Escape from Atlantis.


Designer: Antoine Bauza (Takenoko, Tokaido, Hanabi, Oceanos).Publisher: Repos/AsmodeePlayer count: 2-7 (best with 4)Weight: Light mediumMechanics: Card drafting / tableau buildingSetting/theme: Civ buildingPlay time: 30-45 minutesFor my review, please refer to: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/21720247#21720247This is easily one of my favourite games.I've played a dozen games with 3-7 players and it is great fun everytime and with every player count. It seems rather complex at first, but it plays rather naturally after a few rounds.In its core this is a card drafting / tableau building game over three phases, where you want to build up your resources at first to be able to build your own economy, military and science and if possible, you personal wonder. To do this, you choose one card to play and pass the other cards to your neighbour. When all the cards are played, then intermediate scoring takes place (on military power) and the next phase starts. After phase 3 the game ends and final scoring takes place.There are several paths that can lead to victory, but it's usually best to focus on one or two routes. Keeping a close eye on your neighbour is very important as you can benefit from his resources, goods and -especially in the last phase- from the cards he/she has played.All in all, I really like this game. It plays rather fast, so you can play a number of games on a single night. I rate this game 9/10 and would play this again anytime


"A CIV game for 7 players that is playable in 30 minutes! Even with multiple expansions, it could easily be played under 60 minutes. And so simple that even non-gamers can participate! Great fun!"


Good with 5-7 people, everyone needs to be paying attention/know whats going on




quite impressed after 2 plays. very few games can support 6-7players, be this interesting and play in well under an hour.


Started tracking games late. Add AT LEAST 10 to the number of plays.


Excellent warm-up/filler game for all groups. My serious gaming friends are happy to play for a break between heavier stuff, but it is also good for my more casual group because it can be played on "autopilot" to some extent, allowing for easy socializing during play. Easy to teach and learn.


Excellent card based economy game


by paka

Good distraction for and hour or less. Quite easy to teach and get new people hooked (even non-gamers).


by t2

Blah with 2p, but very good with 4p.


Hey, it's pretty good. Pretty great? Sure thing, buddy. I wish it didn't have so many little pieces because it's a pain to set up but I really do prefer two-player 7 Wonders to any other version, including 7 Wonders Duel. The alternating third hand gives a ton of control over the game and makes it much more strategic. No elves, which is also a plus.


Good game but not exciting enough. Prefer the Duel version.


7 Wonders is an easy to explain and simple game, that has a deep strategy. You can choose to try an make the strategy complicated, and diversify, or you can make it simple and go all-in on one thing. If you play proper defense, both are viable options. It's a great game for newbies and veterans alike. It is balanced very well. Though, I would recommend the leaders expansion for a more satisfying game.


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Drafting, scales fantastically, love the setting/theme, playtime is perfect. Love it.


Ok game with two but haven't been able to play with more to give it a fair shake



This one just doesn't excite me. Too long to teach the rules, boring gameplay, and underwhelming end-game.


Surprisingly (to me), there are people in our group that despise this game. I love it, always willing and eager to play.


Easy to teach, plays fast and is a lot of fun. There are so many strategies to win and it's possible to switch strategies mid-game if necessary. Good game play will usually prevail but there is enough luck in the card draws and seating position to allow less skilled players a chance at winning. A great fit for my family.


One negative for me is the barrier of things for a new player to learn, but so good and quick once over that hump. rahdo says: people play this wrong and it actually is a great 2 person game, no need for duels


It is awesome that this will easily accommodate 6 or 7 players, but to be frank while I like it I prefer Fairy Tale. Other than the occasional glance at another player's tableau, I didn't feel like the drafting mattered much. What's left, then, is the card play itself, which is slightly more engaging but pretty simple and dry. There's also a serious problem in that most of your high-stakes decisions are made at the beginning of the game when you have no information.


2-7 30'


Expansions: - Wonder Pack - Leaders - Leaders Anniversary Pack - Cities - Cities Anniversary Pack - Armada One of the best drafting games out there. Plays extremely quick (15 - 20 minute games), has multiple ways to win and is just generally a lot of fun. Wouldn't play at 2 players due to dummy player.


I really enjoy the different paths to victory. Just the right depth of rules as well to knock out a few rounds on game night.




[color=#CC0000] Five plays is plenty. [/color]


0.45 xx


With leaders Always willing to pop this on. Quick to setup and teardown, quick to play and an impactful decision to make every 10 seconds. Easy to get on the table, easy to play, but strategic enough to be engaging. Scales beautifully with any player count except 2, and I always want to play one more after.


I like the card drafting mechanic. My husband doesn't. So we don't play this as much as I'd like. ;) Game art is lovely. Have to get used to a billion icons, but once you do, it's fine.


People's Choice Top 100 2012 #2


Go to game with 5+ players. After several plays, ready to add one of Andrew's expansions


A beautiful, short, light, fun game, but very light on gameplay. Would be happy to play, but I don't think there's very much game here.


I enjoy this game immensely, however it disturbs me that people can play in error (or CHEAT!) without causing any sort of disturbance. I don't care for games like that for some reason. I don't play with people who cheat, but it's impossible to detect with an error is made by another player. I also don't object to the "misprint" of the Military cards, and consider the brouhaha a bit misguided nitpicking... but this is my opinion.


I bought my wife this board game for Christmas last year. Prior to this game, we'd only ever played Monopoly, Apples to Apples, and Bananagrams together. We opened the box and I couldn't believe how many rules there were! This game opened our eyes to the hobby. Since getting 7 Wonders last November (because we're adults and that means we can exchange early), I have played upwards for 60-70 different board games. Although I have slacked in my logging of plays, I downloaded the companion app for this game and have logged over 30 plays of this game (most with all expansions) and currently have an 81% win streak! Love this game and think everyone should add it to their collection! P.S. If you play games primarily with 2 players and are on the fence about this because it says it only plays 3-7 players, dont worry! Despite what many people say, I actually LOVE the game's 2 player variant with what's called a "free city". This acts as a 3rd player for which each player takes turns drafting an extra card from a 3rd player deck. This adds a ton of new strategy because you can build cards that require the free city to pay you for resources, you can build cards or the free city's wonder stages with cards you don't want the other player to have, etc. Check it out!!


Simple to play once the rules have been explained, after all it could be argued you only make 18 decisions over the entire game. Rewards some specialisation as working to all things is going to lead to low scores in each. But you can't put all your effort into just one area. (Or so I think.)


My ardor is cooling with age, but I still really enjoy this game.


Now that I've won a couple times, I like it better. Upping rating to a 5


I don't hate this game, but I am not a great fan. It is almost too slick, too programmed. I feel like the game flow is overly produced, and I have no chance to do anything remotely unexpected or original. But I have now played over 20 times, as my friends seem to really like it.


The best thing about this game is that it plays a lot of players without increasing the play time. This is my go-to for a quick, deep game, regardless of player count.


BW4. 3-7


My family enjoys this game including my wife who is not a "gamer". It doesn't take long to play...maybe 30 minutes plus setup.


7 Wonders is a reasonable gateway drafting game, but that is all it is, reasonable.


The last play was with 7 players and this is definitely a great game for this many people. We were able to teach the game and complete the 1st game in 2 hours, then complete a full game in an hour once everyone knew it. My wife and I like to play this game against each other, although I have modified the game rules to allow this. Of course there is Duel which if I didn’t enjoy my modified game rules as much I probably would play Duel in 2 player circumstances. December 2015 $31.49


Fun game that plays quickly. Love how it scales to various group sizes and plays just as great at 2 as it does at 7 (although it takes up a ton of space with 7 players). This has been our go to game with getting new gamers. Gifted to family member.


This does large playercounts very well, but simply drafting and set collection doesn't work for me anymore.


Supports lots of players and provides some interesting decisions. Just not quite enough player interaction.


Tablet app, not physical boardgame


Great quick card drafting game, on its way to become a classic. Just not "heavy" enough for me, but great to play with the appropriate group of players.


My favorite gateway game along with Dominion. So many people can play and it doesn't extend the game length really.


by 3MBG

An excellent, easy to learn game that I will never refuse a game of. I consider this my favourite game I do not own


To me, 7 Wonders is a gaming achievement. It plays up to 7 players with almost no increase in play time (which is quite short to begin with), it's easy enough to teach to new players, it has wonderful components and it is very well balanced. And then, it is a fun game. What can I say? I just enjoy the main drafting mechanic. I think that 7 Wonders is a game everybody should try at least once.


What a great game. 7 Wonders plays quickly with up to 7 players and contains enough meat to make it fun. Variable starting setup makes the game highly re-playable. Having to keep an eye on your neighbours takes the game to even higher levels. Civilization building in 30 minutes. Fantastic. INCLUDED: 7 Wonders: Cities 7 Wonders: Leaders 7 Wonders: Babel


Lots to love about this quick yet deep strategy card-drafting game. This is likely to get lots of plays with our group, but I'm not sure I need a copy in my collection. Trade Interest: Low


Maybe the expansions help make the game less milquetoast? At least it's snappy, even with the full player count. In the end, I'd rather play 7 Wonders Duel.


Promo: Catan A great lighter game. There is enough game here to sink into a bit, but it moves quickly and rewards thinking ahead. While there is some planning / strategizing, particularly in the 2 player variant, the way cards are dealt adds some elements of surprise. Overall, I liked this game a lot!


A great, simple card drafting game. Everything works together. I love the mechanic of playing off of your neighbors.


2-7 Players 30 Minutes


Just got this one, seems good but I have yet to play it with more than 2 players.


Nick owns. I own Duel and I like it better. Player interaction is pretty low, while feeling like a game that should have more than it does. Luck of the draw is clearly an element of the game. Very messy and confusing by the end game with cards absolutely all over the place. Paying attention to every player is beneficial but not feasible, at least for my mind. A solid game but... meh. Duel is still better.


Great game IFF you're playing with other players who know what they're doing. Otherwise can definitely suffer from "take that" mechanics, which can hurt both players for no good reason. Excellent as a 2 player game as well. The expansions are necessary to make the game interesting, because the core game is just too light on its own.


7.8 / 2-7p / 30m / 2.34


Does a good job of transplanting the drafting experience from Magic into a boardgame. Could use more game, but I enjoy having a Magic style draft in a box, and it's useful to have a not terrible game that supports up to 7 players and doesn't last all day


Card drafting


Not as good as duel, but still really solid


FULLY SLEEVED 148 x Swan PanAsia sleeve size: 65x100: Standard (SWN-034, 165/pack) - (65 x 100mm) 9 x Mayday sleeve size: Magnum Copper - Copper: Standard (MDG-7102, 100/pack) - (65 x 100mm) 7 x Swan PanAsia sleeve size: 7 Wonders - wonder boards: Premium (SWN-533, 20/pack) - (110 x 250mm)


One of my all-time favorite games. Card drafting at its finest.


Gave away.


A civilisation card building game spanning 3 ages. Each game lasting around 30 minutes, regardless of the number of players (3-7) which is a big plus. It's fairly easy to learn/teach with most people taking just one game to fully appreciate the mechanics. Direct game play interaction is limited to the players either side of you. The card drafting mechanic whereby cards are passed in one direction until all but one are allotted, provides some potential to limit options to other players. The mechanic can also be seen in Among The Stars. There are various expansions available, none of which are essential to get a feel for the game. :star::star::star::star::nostar: Easy to learn :star::star::halfstar::nostar::nostar: Fun factor :star::star::star::star::nostar: Replay-ability :star::star::star::nostar::nostar: Overall Why the game stays in my collection? The take one card and pass the rest to the player next to you mechanic creates situations where you are torn between picking the best card for yourself or the one that lets other players score the least. The multiple scoring paths and light feel of the game.


https://meeplelikeus.co.uk/7-wonders-2010/ https://meeplelikeus.co.uk/7-wonders-2010-accessibility-teardown/


Includes Broken Token organizer.


This is a very fun game for at least 4 players. I love drafting games, and this one is no different. I love having at least 4 players so that there is one player that you can't influence. The expansions can also give you a good change of pace.