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Very light, fairly quick game. Not much in the way of design. There's not a whole lot going on. But this card to buy that card to build your engine to buy future cards.There's a small amount of hosage with one of the actions. But the game is pretty dry. At least it's fast. I'll probably play it a time or two, but really there's not much here. I only bought it cuz it was cheap and had good reviews as a gateway. I guess I just don't like gateways.


Really well designed game! Would like to play more


2-4 players, tableau building, 30-45 minutes, designed by Marc Andre and published by Space CowboysPlayed a few dozen games with 2-4 players, which were a lot of fun. Pieces look good, mechanics work quite well and the game plays rather fast (ca. 30 mins). Easy to learn, so suited for casual gaming and introducing to new gamers, although there certainly is some tactics involved so the better player usually wins.This game still hits the table regularly and is one of the gateway games we use to introduce the hobby to new players.Definite keeper in our collection.




I should like this game less, but I have played it a lot. I like games with lots of decisions and complexity. Splendor is simple, I love the coins and even when I lose I still really enjoyed the game.


Wife likes; rating raised.


Easy to learn and teach. Plays quickly once everyone knows what they are doing. The game itself starts slow and then quickly speeds up as players gather permanent resources. The greatest part of the game are the 'gem' components.


Super simple to teach but feels tight and elegant. Probably the most played game in my collection,


Very dry, themeless. It's basic gameplay becomes boring after just a couple of plays.


Love it, one of my favorites.


the box in needlessly too big for the game inside. you can just take the cards and poker ships and put them in a bag, take it just about anywhere... great Gateway game!


Played with 3 experienced players and lost pretty bad. This can be fun but those chips are what does it.


This game is an amazing little engine-builder. Despite the size of the box, the game has very little in it. But what IS there is the essentials of hard-decision making and engine building. I expect this to be one to hook people into games, as well as provide an interesting game for experienced gamers. Most times I've played it, it has come down to a single turn for the win.


Fun engine-building game. Easy to teach and plays quickly. Usually too quickly actually, I almost always want the game to go a few more turns as my engine gets going. Probably also suffers from a runaway leader problem but the games are so short it hardly matters. I'm thinking of house-ruling that a player can only get one patron. This should extend the game a bit. We'll see. I'm always willing to play this one.




0.75 xx


This is a fun light engine builder. If you're competitive, you'll particularly like 2 player. But with more players it keeps the game light.


It's a decent game. The strategy isn't super deep, but its easy to learn and is worth some entertainment. I've shifted to using this to introduce people to board games instead of Catan and the like.


One of the first games in my collection. Don't play it as much now, but was guilty in introducing a load of people i played it with to boardgames. A quite quiet game, understated artwork, but fun to get a little engine rolling. Have played better engine builders now though.


Played twice with friends over Thanksgiving. Neat puzzle of a game and good social interaction as players can (and should) play strategically to block others' progress.


Addicting game. Not only one of my favorites but my family and friends really enjoy this game as well.


Rules are explained in minutes, the game has great replay-ability due to the small subset of cards used in a game, and the decisions are mathematically interesting (to me, at least), and it plays fast for all ages. An interesting, quick little "gem." Nice title!


€ 23.00 from CrowdFinder




I've only played the digital version of Splendor (which I enjoy for how quick and efficient a playthrough can be) and have found myself to always get some enjoyment out of the engine-building process it provides. It's an overall straightforward and fairly light game with enough gimmicks to add a small number of decisions and tactics to work towards for a win. It's a great intro game to get one's mind wrapped around the engine-building mentality and move on to more complex and rewarding games.


Economic, Tableau Building, First to Finish Played with: :d10-2:-players with :indigo: wife :star::star::star::star::halfstar: :d10-4:-players with :tobacco: work/B&BG friends :star::star::star::star::nostar: Intend to play with: :indigo::corn::tobacco: Wife, Family, Work/B&BG/CABS friends :coffee: Great for most unknown friends Possible Player counts: :d10-2::d10-3::d10-4:-player Best with :d10-3:-player Great with :d10-2::d10-4:-player :d6-1: Level of joy :star::star::star::star::halfstar: :d6-2: Must like: #engine building #first to finish :d6-3: Expansion is on my wishlist, it was good, adds 4 modules that can be played to add variety to the game. :d6-4: :heart: keeper value :arrowN: worth more than purchase price :d6-5: Similar to in my collection: Race for the Galaxy; Century: Spice Road; 7 Wonders :d6-6: Likely not a great solo mode, game is really unpredictable, so adding an automaton would be hard to program. :jug: This is one of those games that you can play with a wide range of people. It is short and pretty easy to grasp once you get started, but there is plenty to think about. It is a great race to the top type of game. April 2019 $25.99


Great gateway engine builder. I think it lacks replayability but it succeeds at hooking people.


by 3MBG

Low interaction euro. Solid enough, quick, but we played in virtual silence.


A nice, easy to teach game with just enough luck to allow beginners to have a chance and just enough tactics that experienced players feel in control. Contains: Cities of Splendor


Fantastic game that turns simple actions into a complex puzzle with many paths to victory while still managing to keep the gameplay very approachable even for kids. This one will be another popular Family Game Night title in our household.


My wife and I really enjoy this game for the 2 of us. And have played it with 3 and enjoy it for a great family game


Best: 3 Time: 30 Min Weight: 1.81


Itch: engine building For buying new, consider this, or Century: Spice Road, or Wingspan


Very dry thinky game. Made for very little table talk.


This game is a decent entry way to medium weight games. It features some of the most streamlined "engine building" I've seen in a game. Overall the theme is weak and the mechanics don't really translate anything. My opinion may be from playing games with higher levels of complexity first then backtracking to this one.


This is short and sweet, accessible to beginners and hardcore gamers alike.


7.6 / 2-4p Best 3 / 30m / 1.84


Set collection


Has the feel of a classic game. Often played in silence, and sometimes that's exactly what you want. Chips are amazing quality. Game seriously needed to come in a smaller box.


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/splendor-2014/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/splendor-2014-accessibility-teardown/


Very nice Euro, good player interaction but light on hurting other players progress (which many will appreciate). Tame theme and simple rules makes this one accessible to anyone. Theme is pasted on, but it works. The components are very good. Nice heavy poker chips feel great in the hand and fun to play with while waiting.


Simple engine building. A race to 15 played a massive amount but doesn't see the table as much anymore. storage is nice with insert but the game could be packed away in a quart size ziplock.


Fun game, but I did not really think strategically and still almost won. On second play, was in a 3 way tie for second with very bad pay. I am not sure if it speaks to my luck, the poor quality of my opponents, the chaos of a 4 player game, or just the game being too light. Overall, I did not really get all that into it.


Feels like unthematic math homework.


2-4 player (best 3) 30-45 minutes


The perfect filler/intro game.


Fun light game to play with newer players. I'm a bit annoyed with the buy the 5 point cards strategy that I've seen win. Hoping to play more to see if we don't let one person buy high point cards if they still win or not.


Quintessential engine conversion game. Simple, fun, but gets old pretty quickly.


2-4, 30m


Quick, simple, and satisfying engine-building race.


The more I play this game the more I like it, great filler game and feels really good to get a good gem engine going!


Buying gems, mines, trade routes and storefronts to attract noble investors. The theme is dull, but the gameplay is economic engine building boiled down to its quintessence.


May not be the most exciting theme, but it is a fun quick game and my wife likes to play it, which is a HUGE plus in my book.