Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger

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Took it out of shrink, but cards are still in original shrink wrap, so it hasn't been played yet.


Best: 1 Time: 60 Min Weight: 1.04


1-99 (best 1-3) 60 minutes


Ah, the memories!


Played once, great condition.


A couple chapters in. This game is the equivalent of cotton candy. There's no substance, but we're getting through it anyway. Addendum: we probably aren't going to finish this. It's just not exciting, and there's hardly choices here.


This is an ok solo experience. Nothing to write home about, but you can occupy yourself for a few hours running through it. I found it does have some circular runaround if you try to get everything. You end up in places you were. Maybe there is a rule I missed on that.


This tactile version of a CYOA book doesn’t really add tabletop game elements (as advertised) so much as RPG-style gamebook elements. You’re battling the usual weird gamut of classic CYOA characters (most notably Genghis Khan) to improve your stats and stock your inventory with bits you’ll need later. Could use more instadeath; too much dying is terminally bad for your stats. It's as cheesy as it sounds but that turns out to be unexpectedly entertaining.


This game has probably a 0.5/5 in complexity if you ask me, which is usually a huge turn off for me. However, my wife and I really embraced the roleplaying of the protagonist you represent in the story and had a great time reading/acting out the story as it progressed. I'm looking forward to the day that I can play this with my children as a family game. Each chapter is at least an hour of play if you take it slow and steady, and there are 5 chapters to the game.