Blue Moon

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I like the idea of this but can't seem to get others past the fantasy theme. Interesting game where I believe the depth would come when you gain an understanding of the decks of peoples. We just don't play it enough to see the "tension" and enjoyment I see people raving about and unfortunately I doubt we ever will either.


Never found an opponent for this, and didn't purchase any expansions. Just not a game I'd want to put time and energy into at this stage of my participation in the hobby.


Beautiful, brilliant, accessible, fun and fast. Expansions and deck-building offer nigh unlimited flexibility, and even the pre-built decks allow for sublimely subtle plays. My favourite card game. [EDIT] Raised rating by .5; keeps getting better, and I always want to play.


There's a lot going on here, and it's certainly not easy to figure out, that's for sure. It's an interesting game, though I'm thinking that the two included races are teasers mainly. Everything I'm seeing suggests that the expansions are what make this one work. We'll see.


I find the combat overly simple. Not as fun as other card games.


A most excellent way to pass the time. What Magic should have been.


Classic Knizia design that transcends its "War with special powers" roots to become something great.  The eight wildly different (and yet exquisitely balanced) decks make sure nothing ever feels stale, the card abilities are all interesting, and, most importantly, the decisions on when to retreat, and when to commit are constantly tense and exciting.


This really fell flat for my wife and I. Maybe it was lost on us?


want expansions


Even with just the base set, Blue Moon is a blast. More than any other game in my collection, this game has approachability. It's easy to learn, easy to teach, fairly short to play and very repeatable. The art on the cards is outstanding, the cards are big (tarot sized) and durable. The theme really comes through, and the different decks have distinct personalities in game play, graphic design, and theme. Blue Moon is one of my favorite 2 player games. The fact that you can expand it with different decks definitely switches things up, and the deck building rules help with that as well. It's one of my go-to games for gamers, kids, and non-gamers alike.