Tyrants of the Underdark

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It's perfectly fine and playable (as almost all deckbuilders are), and this rating is probably a touch low, but: a) it has less variety than most deckbuilders, and b) trashing is so good and so lucrative that I can't abide the possibility that only one or two players will get access to the trash cards.


A deck-builder, area-majority game "themed" around the D&D universe of the dark elves, or drows. One, 4-player game with the Drows and Dragons decks. The board is set up to scale for different player counts but 4 players was a bit of a drag; it might be better at 3 or even 2 players. Overall, it was fine. If I liked deck builders more, this might rate higher. While I wouldn't say no to another play, I'm not going to suggest it again. PROS -Deck building and card powers are relatively straight forward and easy to grasp. -A lot of potential for expansions to make this game more interesting. CONS -While the rules are fairly simple, they are a bit scattered and some aspects of the game (e.g., What does move mean?) were not clear without digging. -Board art is kind of minimal and the routes look more like a flow-chart than a D&D adventure. -With the actions being more or less limited to buy a card, deploy a spy, deploy a troop, attack a troop, the game play was kind of boring.


Love the theme love the game love the mechanics, art could have been better in some places (board is very dark) but doesn't take anything away from the game!


Basically Ascension with a board, only the second currency is board control. Not all games need to be innovative to be solid! The expansion adds loads of combinations and very few of them aren't fun.


2-4 players 60 minutes


An amazing mix of deck building and area control mechanics. Combines to form a tight 4 player game that has a variety of strategies.