Chateau Roquefort

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by paka

Good kids game where even adults have something to think about. Missed quite a few plays as this just gets pulled out, played a few put back and then forgotten when I get up to comp.Note: Rating related to playing with my kid.


Very charming game. Great if you have some kids to play with, I'm sure. Don't have kids, and thus I don't think I need to own this one. But I am tempted...


KIDS GAMES SHELF RATING FOR YOUNG KIDS. The kids absolutely love this game. One of the first games that teaches them game mechanics and decision making in a very fun way. My youngest (at age 3) even enjoyed playing it as a toy. At age 4, the kids played the game with rules. At age 5, my daughter was making tactical decisions.


The mice were cute and the whole box was beautiful but it's a memory game. I can see the appeal to children but didn't quite do the same for me.


Pain in the ass to set up and put away. The only really fun part is sending other players' mice into the dungeon.