Recent years have seen a continued rise in temperatures around the globe. In th arctic, the last of the world's icebergs are melting and polar bears are facing the risk of extinction.

In Rescue Polar Bears, players are members of an international scientific organization. Their goal is to collect data about climate change to inform and persuade governments to take action to save the world. At the same time, they also seek to prevent polar bears from sinking into the arctic waters. Each player commands a science and rescue ship on the Arctic Ocean. As long as the players collectively gather enough data, they win together. However, if too many polar bears sink into the water, everyone loses.

1 Board
45 Polar Bears
43 Tiles
5 Rescue Ships
5 Player Ship Boards
1 Twenty-sided Die
1 Six-sided Die
1 Wooden Flag
65 Cards
72 Tokens
1 Rulebook

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