Maka Bana


The goal of the game is to bring your huts for the tourist hordes down on the beautiful island Maka Bana. Therefore you have 11 cards with terrain (4), a symbol (4), and the name of the beach (3). Each space on the board can be identified with this combination of three cards. These are played one face up & two face down. The aim is to get the most points. You get 1 point for a stand-alone-hut. You get more if you have huts on adjacent spaces. You have one TIKI (statue) to bring your opponents into trouble. You can put this one on any space you want. If your opponent wants to build there a hut: Bad Luck. There are also two cards which you use to change the color of a hut (to make it yours).

The game ends if one player managed it to place all his huts on the island or if one beach is complete with huts and/or tikis at the end of a turn.

In the advanced rules, it is possible to legally "cheat". If you play more than three cards, you can build more huts. If you play less than three cards, you can build more easily — but to prevent some excess, there can be only one denunciation every turn, and you can only denounce another player if you cheat "less" than your opponent!


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