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I might like Cyclades better - although this is very good.Great combat.


Weight: 2.99 / 5Includes Tuckboxes for tilesIncludes bags for player peices


Played once, was quite nice. Might be added to the collection, not a must have.


[SOLD, June 2017]Plays quickly enough so that Penner doesn't mind (much) the attacky nature of the game. The "shopping" tech-up aspect of the game makes the basic plastic dudes fighting on a map part of the game much more interesting.


This game is tight! I love that this adds another layer to risk. This game definitely keeps you from turtling, and I love that the win condition is through victory points rather than domination. Buying the different power ups allows for variety of strategy and tactics for playing the game and the special monsters make the game an awesome battle.


****Seth expansion


This a game of shopping where you subsequently snag low-hanging fruit--just keep that in mind, Any semblance of infrastructure or long-term building is illusory. Beautiful components and the overall battle dynamics are solid. That's actually high praise for a multiplayer game of this nature. [EDIT] The more I play dudes on a map games, the more I appreciate what Kemet has done to refine the genre. The tempo, the powers, the map; it's all really clever and well done.


2-5 Best with 5


one of the best games I every played. Worth every penny!


2 x


A fantastic take on war games. Super aggressive and yet quite economical as well. It doesn't play quite like any other war games I've played, so it took me 3 games to really grasp the flow of the game and what I should be doing. However, now that I do, I really enjoy this game quite a lot.


I like big boxes and I cannot lie! Kemet is packed with elements I love: miniatures, Egyptology, mythology, card dueling, purchasing upgrades, and figurines. I'm not usually a huge "let's go duke it out!!" kind of game person, but I'll usually play Kemet if you want to pull it out.


MM Ding and Dent - No damage $40


Love the theme. Love the strategy and the similarity to card driven war games. Update: Not great at 2 players and there are other games we would choose over this to play with friends. Even though we don't own it any longer, I wouldn't turn down a game of Kemet.


Completely unique experience. Deep strategy with simple rules. Very elegant design. Not too long and very competitive. Great, great game.


Traded for this with dent in the top of the box but everything else in very good condition.


With: [thing=161842][/thing] [thing=207149][/thing] [thing=190744][/thing]


Kemet is the sort of game I enjoy playing but I am not that committed to winning nor would it be a game I would suggest. It sits in a weird nether world of Paul Dean "Fine. It's fine."


+ Kemet: Ta-Seti (2015) + C3K: Creatures Crossover Cyclades/Kemet (2013)


This is essentially the battle system from A Game of Thrones the Board game, fleshed out into an entire game. And it works really well. I can't get enough of it. Plays very quickly once players understand the symbols on the power tiles. Has a bit of a learning curve as any other language independent game, but it's completely worth it.


7.5 after initial play. Good fun, had a bit of bash the leader about it. Lots of choices. Never got this to the table again and so traded. For me, Blood Rage ticks similar boxes


Creature miniatures completely painted


Absolutely brilliant. Every choice matters and the game doesn't overstay it's welcome. Better than Cyclades.


My favorite 'dudes on a map game'. Love the power tiles, love how aggressive it is. Always up for this.


"Dudes on a Map" with tech development, deterministic but unpredictable battles, multiple ways to score points, and it's surprisingly easy to learn despite the initial appearance of complexity.


I liked it, but felt like the time between turns in a 5p game kinda killed it for me, not much to think about during others moves. I think 4p is the sweet spot and it is a fun bloodbath of a game.


just attack... don't bolster too much cause it ends quicker than you think


Love the theme, love the gameplay and love the miniatures. We love Smallworld, but the ultra-heavy area control just doesn't fit my group's play style. Unfortunate. UPDATE: Traded to /u/quantjunkie. Great trade partner!!!


(3/17) 8. Great game with plenty of ways to differentiate yourself via all the player powers. Also love how it encourages attacking and how tight the board is. I love the fact that, while you can definitely alter your strategy on the fly and be successful doing so, there's definitely no time to dawdle and simply stand pat "turtling up." (10/17) 8. Need to play this again soon. Love the encouraged aggression. No place to hide.