Arctic Scavengers

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Fun game, but luck dependent at high player count. Tried it 5 player and did not manage to find more than one medicine despite investing heavily in scavenging. I was locked out of any mid and late game recruitment.


Need to play this more to form a better opinion.


This game sometimes makes me uncomfortable. It is incredibly brutal, but if you can get passed that, the game is enormously thematic. I've never played such a gritty game, and not sure I would want to. Morally, I find it troubling; abandoning your refugees in the junk yard, or playing as the fanatic and turning refugees into a suicide squad; but as an emotionless gaming machine, I can have a lot of fun. Unlike other deck builders, you can only hire (buy) 1 card per turn, and must venture into the junk yard and/or dedicate cards to the skirmish to acquire more. With your limited hand, balancing and choosing between these three methods make for very interesting decisions. Despite the rather shallow card pool, the various leaders incentivize players to experiment with different strategies, and help keep the game from gathering dust.


I love the bluffing aspect of this game. Not super replayable but it works really well.


Someone in our game group already has a copy of this game (2 people in fact!), but I really, really enjoyed this deck builder. I like the tactical feel and the limited decision making when it comes to purchasing cards.