Protect your playing and trading cards with premium-quality Quiver Time card sleeves with ultra-clear, easy-to-shuffle protection.

When you're an avid tabletop gamer that relies on multiple card decks, you want to keep them in pristine condition; especially when you have rare cards in your collection. That's why we created Quiver Time Pro Tournament Card Sleeves that keep the corners from bending, the surfaces from getting scratched, and the colors from fading for long-lasting durability and card longevity.

Crafted with heavy-duty polypropylene, these ultra-clear card sleeves come in three packs with 100 sleeves each, allowing you to protect and cover your active deck cards and any cards you keep in our Quiver Time Card Case. Complete acid and PVC free, these precision-cut sleeves offer a form-fitting design that makes cards easy to shuffle for fast, high-level play no matter your chosen tabletop gaming choice.

Product Details:

  • Pro Tournament Card Sleeves
  • Three Packs (100 Each)
  • Ultra-Transparent Polypropylene
  • Precision Fit Protection
  • Prevents Bent Corners and Scratches
  • Acid and PVC Free
  • Sleeve Dimensions: 66mm x 91mm
  • 100-Count of Standard Sleeves
  • Fully Compatible with The Quiver Time Card Case

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Deck Protector Standard Card Sleeves | (3-Pack) 300 Count

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