Mayday Games is releasing Gilad Yarnitzky s popular Space Junkyard on November12, 2009. Space has become a giant dumping ground for jettisoned components and derelict spacecraft. But the tide could be turned by clever star pilots hoping to expand their tiny ships. Navigating through a sea of asteroids and recyclable parts, pilots collect resources and salvaged ship modules in a quest to build the largest and most complete starship. In Space Junkyard each player starts with a single module which holds up to two of each resource: Energy, Carbone Ore, and Metal Alloy. Each turn players ships produce resources and may manuvre on the game board to either collect more resources or attach new modules onto their ship. Each module is unique and may add additional storage, resource production, and victory points. To end each turn players draw a new asteroid or ship module tile from the bag and slide it onto the game board, pushing the rest of the row or column down one space and even knocking tiles and ships off the board. Players may navigate through the Worm Hole tile or power their boosters (at the cost of a single energy resource) to gain extra mobility for a turn, but must navigate around the Black Hole tile if it shows up on the board. At the end of the game the winner is determined by victory points on board each players ship but reduced for any open sections on board. With amazing new artwork and enhanced space theme by artist Orlando Ramirez, this game promises to fill the vacuum of the science fiction game genre. Using high quality wooden resource tokens and highly-detailed ship tokens, Mayday Games continues its tradition of high-quality components. Space Junkyard is for ages 10 and up and will take 30-60 minutes for 2-4 players. With over 80 wooden tokens, 82 game tiles, 4 plastic ships and game board in a high quality game box, this game is priced well below many other games with lesser components at an MSRP of just $35. Sku: MDG-4291, UPC #080162890015

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