Great War at Sea: Jutland


Jutland is an operational and tactical game of naval combat using the Great War at Sea system. It not only covers the namesake battle of Jutland, but also the entire campaign between the German and English navies to control the seas bordering on the German coast. Furthermore, it also includes the campaign of Russia trying to break the German blockade of the Baltic Sea. Altogether, Jutland comes with 50 different scenarios that cover historical and hypothetical battles. Ships from Germany, Russia, England, United States, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Finland are represented.

Great War at Sea is played on two maps: operational and tactical. Fleets move on the operational map until contact is made. At that time, ships of the respective fleets are put on the tactical map where the fighting is resolved ship to ship. All capital ships are portrayed, as are squadrons of destroyers. For World War II fans, the Second World War at Sea system uses similar rules. Players who master one system can easily learn the other.

The Great War at Sea system is vast, with many modules available. Each module focuses on a particular theme and provide counters, maps and scenarios to play. There are two types of modules, the core and the supplements. Core games are complete by themselves, with everything needed to play. Supplements expand on the core modules, bringing new scenarios and unit types to the game, but require one or more core module to play.

Jutland is a core module. It contains everything needed to play.


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