The Speicherstadt

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I'm not too sure about whether the game lives up to its somewhat novel auction mechanic. You have a small number of placements, and your first placements are likely to be entirely irrelevant unless you are flush with cash--and your income is largely invariant.


A clever bidding/worker placement game that requires you to take risks in order to get the cards you need.


A little dry theme-wise but I like it, both with and without the expansion.


Another Stefan Feld hit. Even though I don't like auctions, I enjoyed this game. Purchased as a gift.


Best Player Count: 4-5 Speicherstadt has a very simple system that uses a unique bidding mechanic. Players put a worker in front of a card they want to buy, and for each worker in front of a card, the price is raised by one. Once all players’ workers are placed, the first player to put a worker on that card decides if they want to pass or pay. If they pass, they remove their worker and the card costs one less. And that’s it: the game has you bid for cards so you can fulfill contracts or get sets, while trying to avoid a Feldian punishment. On the flip side, Speich can get stale quickly. The cards are broken into four seasons and, while the order those cards come out each season are different, you always end up seeing the same cards. The Kaispeicher expansion addresses this problem but it changes the game so fundamentally that I think I prefer vanilla Speich. I think this is a Feld that is worth owning, or at least one that someone in your group should have. It creates some great table-talk and the auction mechanic is a thing of elegance.




One of the best auction games, made even better by the excellent expansion.


Not my favorite Feld but still very cool. Looking forward to the viking reimplementation.


This one might fluctuate for me. Depends on replayability in the future.