Power Grid

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Played onc...

by Robertcompton

Played once. More enjoyable than was expecting when solo learning the game. Looking forward to play again, which is always a good sign. Think you need to play once in a group to appreciate mechanics. Feels like a medium weight game.


Will trade...

by MrIncredible

Will trade with China/Korea. Near mint condition - played 3 times.


Strong eng...

by Fly Casual

Strong engine building game with excellent catch up mechanism. Brilliant design, and very fun.


2-6 player...

by noduh

2-6 player (best 4-5) 120 minutes


I really e...

by elltrain

I really enjoy auctions and Euros with lots of player interaction. It's like this game was made for me.


Mathy! Go...

by adam.skinner

Mathy! Good bidding wars.


I wasn't s...

by mgacy

I wasn't sure before, but now I know I *really* don't like bidding games. It felt like I was playing "Smug Monopoly"


2-6, 120m

by snurp

2-6, 120m


After many...

by klz

After many games, this has become my favorite game and keeps getting better. Lots of bizarre rules that somehow work to create a genuine masterpiece.


It's got a...

by andrewishi

It's got a lot of weird rules to remember, mostly resulting from the clunky scaling to number of players, but for the most part is pretty easy to play, and you can get through a game in an hour and a half or less. I really like the fuel market, which mimics a supply curve by having prices that move depending on how much are purchased.


You know, ...

by usagi-san

You know, for all its fiddly-ness, this game is just great. Maybe it is the fact that it is so cumbersome but many people take to it. I like it though I don't play it as often as I should. Have played the France/Italy and the Central Europe/Benelux maps too! Fun stuff there and the minor rules changes changes things slightly and give it a different "flavour". 2006-10-01 - Bought 2008-02-23 - Bumping rating down from 8.5 -> 7.5; Somehow the game just lost its taste for me and I haven't played it in a long while. 2008-08-05 - Bumping rating 7.5 -> 8 2010-09-15 - Sold 2016-07-17 - Bought River Market


My favorit...

by parliboy

My favorite game in my collection, so it gets a 10. If I like something else more, this will become a 9.


[Pending t...

by LuisGomez

[Pending to sleeve]


An interes...

by ubRtstcl

An interesting Euro game with lots of competition but it is held back by the by the turn order system and is not thematic at all. It's a solid game, but with limited potential. Also intentionally makes itself slower and longer with a mechanism that provides no entertainment, a truly terrible idea.


Made own i...

by jadthegerbil

Made own insert.


Screams, "...

by ekloff

Screams, "EURO!" which often keeps it off the table. The theme is there, but is super dry. Also, there is a substantial risk of A.P. and the game can crawl on for eons. Decent come-from-behind mechanics, but the lead player stills holds the advantage. The market system is fabulous, and the different maps add a nice boost of variety to this game. I love this game; especially when I have exact change to complete my turn, but my opponent is left a dollar short. If it was shorter, it might be a favorite.


Played thi...

by KimchiTurtle

Played this game for the first time tonight and all I can say is wow. This game deserves all the praise it gets. The balance in this game is just superb. 10/10


Secret San...

by mborda

Secret Santa BGG 2012


This is on...

by Callomac

This is one of my favorite games ever. It's a bit too long, so hard to get to the table, but is otherwise excellent.


Great econ...

by Psylocke

Great economic and route building game.


No Review Title

by R0land1199

No Review Description


(7/16) 7. ...

by markbesada

(7/16) 7. (10/17) Drop to 5. A game I wish I liked more, and maybe I would. I just played my first game against people who knew what they were doing and got a little smoked. Similar to what happened to me with Agricola. Would play again.