Boss Monster

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Kickstarted! / Great game. Played it with three people and was ok.


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I really wanted to love this one. The theme is excellent and squarely aimed at me. But after several plays I just found it lacking. While you can sometimes plan and prepare, if you get bad draws and a bad initial hand, there's very little you can do.


Fun little dungeon building card game, that I'm debating on getting the expansions.


My copy is unplayed but have played before.


This game had so much potential, but the execution is pretty awful. There is very little interaction between players. You build your own dungeon. The heroes come to town, you figure out which hero goes where, and then it's either "yup, beat him" or "nope, got hurt". There isn't really that much difference between the rooms, or the heroes. They could have done something really interesting by giving rooms drastically different abilities, and heroes different skills that would tally scores rather than just win/lose the fight. The game is called Boss Monster, you take on the role of a Boss Monster, so then why is the boss monster essentially irrelevant? Why am I relying entirely on the dungeon to kill the hero? If the hero makes it through the dungeon, I lose the fight? Isn't beating the Boss Monster supposed to be the hardest part of the dungeon?! I played this game both in two-player and four-player, and was left with the same feeling both times. It felt like we were playing it wrong, like we were missing important details. But after going over the instructions, we were doing everything right. The game seems to drag on at times, without much really happening, and then all of a sudden, someone wins. There's no sense of victory, because the winner in both games we played just won suddenly, without anyone feeling any anticipation of the game coming to a close.




Just okay. Didn't really click with us.


Situationally very fun, but I think it takes a specific group at least.


Not a great game, but a fun game. Fairly obvious decisions and a large dose of luck. Kids enjoy the theme. INCLUDED: Boss Monster: Tools of Hero-Kind Boss Monster 2: The Next Level


Owned by girlfriend Building a good dungeon is a bit too luck dependent and the boss level up powers are pretty bland. In general, BM2 is better in every way.


Lacking in meaningful decisions and too up to chance. Any choice you may have (which room to place in your dungeon) tends to have a pretty obvious "best" answer, meaning the game largely plays itself.


Not many strategic decisions. Really fun theme, pretty boring gameplay.


The theme here is awesome; play as a dungeon boss, luring adventurers to their doom. Unfortunately, the fun stops there. Considering players compete to lure the same adventures, there is a lack of strategic flexibility, and the player interaction is fairly tame. Certain parts of the game seem tedious, and the decisions aren't as interesting as one would think. I can see why others like it, but it leaves more to be desired for me.


Pretty light card game with mechanics that are easy to grasp for new players. It can be pretty random at times and the player elimination aspect can sometimes be annoying because of that, but overall I've had fun with it.


I enjoy this quite a bit but its hard to find opponents. Imho i think most players goes in to this with the expectation of a much more deep game.