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Much better than other trivia games like Trivial Pursuit. You don't need to have an exact answer and everyone can participate. Only requires a bit of familiarity with each subject.


I got this game because I needed (or thought I needed) a party game in my collection. Among the party games, this one got higher marks here on the Geek. I can tolerate a game above other more mainstream party games, but beyond that, I don't enjoy it. Trivia is more easily tolerable whilst downing a few beers.


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While I respect what they tried to do to mitigate some people's problems with trivia games (and I'm one of them who has problems), I think they went a bit too far--this is a game about playing odds more than anything else. Novel and inoffensive, but not much else.


1-7 Best with 7


Not a bad party-game... the kids like it.


I've had this for a year now (since July 2007) and haven't even really attempted to organise a game with it. 2008-11 It took 16 months but I've played it twice now (and 'hosted' another game) and hope to use it more. Certainly a socialisation game more than a deep thought game. But still fun and worthwhile.


Fun gambling and trivia game. Not my first choice for party games but I'm not opposed to playing.


Very light party game. Very easy to teach, fast to play, and induces laughter, which are the best things that you can say about party games. It would be nice if the box had more cards, but "100 games" is good for the price. A little anti-climatic with the all-in question at the end. Playing by the second edition rules, the all-in question doesn't affect things as badly. At lest, that the perception. Makes for the perfect "big group" (>28 people) game show.


6/13. Beats Trivial Pursuit (and most other party games) by a mile.


A new classic I will bring with me to every group gathering I go to. Well, as long as I keep winning.


A trivia game that my group can get behind. I think there are three versions in the group.


Good mechanism, but the questions really didn't interest me enough to want to play too much.


The original, which made all other trivia games obsolete. You don't have to know the answers! A great party game!


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Fantastic party game that literally anyone can play.


Party game that doesn't involve loads of downtime or awkward silliness; the bidding system is a bit problematic, with big swings and runaway leaders, but maybe improved in the "family" version


Party game. I'm not that kind of person. Quick but repetitive. If you only play the 7 rounds then that's only 15 min but somehow I lost my interest after round 3.


A decent trivia game with a good betting system.


Trivia craps. All the questions have numerical answers and are generally not the type of answer that anyone knows exactly, making it a more even playing field for non-trivia types. Players make their guesses and then bet on whichever guess(es) they like best. Easy to teach, fun for all. Donated to Library 1/19


This game is brilliant. It elegantly designs around the 'now-it-all' problem that has plagued trivia games forever. If you don't know the answer, you can simply bid on the person you think does. Also, unlike many other trivia based games, everybody gets to answer every question, which helps keep people interested and active throughout the game. The wacky questions and the occasional huge answer gap creates a fun experience, that is sure to conjure up some laughs.


A great party game. The goal is to guess the answer to the question and bet correctly to get points. Best with a big group. Also have the first expansion.


(10/16) 6. (10/17) 6. I love a good trivia game, and this is one, but it just doesn't hit me the way it hits most I think. Still, absolutely solid.