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Excellent drafting game with a few new mechanics. Great fun and interesting theme. Good, short, play time.


German edition.


Elysium features drafting, tableau building, card combos, and combos-vs-points mechanic. Like Hansa Teutonica, this is a good example of a game that pushes you to develop a certain strategy and pursue it while also offering lots of player interaction. Of course, Elysium doesn't have as much take-that as HT but it can be present in taking turn-order cards and in sniping someone's scoring marker for Legends that comprise one number. Grudge drafting offers another aspect of player interaction. Elysium is a highly enjoyable game that lasts just the right amount of turns and doesn't make for too much downtime.


First had this as an 8. Now a 6.5. It's just boring. It's just set collection and drafting with not a lot of player interaction. Only player interaction is, "Aww I wanted that card."


Medium weight card drafting/set collection game that I thought would get my SO to explore more gaming mechanics. We love the short play time, but can see the depth the game has to offer in just an hour of play. Having to decide to make those Legends and score those points or continue to keep cards for their abilities is getting my SO more and more into strategy games.


needs more plays