In this game, a player picks up a "Threezer" card and has 60 seconds to get the other players to guess three words he's describing from the card. The first player to figure out what the three words have in common and to hit the "Buzzler" receives the number of marbles indicated by the die previously thrown. The first team to collect 28 marbles wins. Social skills are emphasized, and motor skills are enhanced by manipulation of the cards, marbles, and die. The game also serves to augment character development as players learn to play by the rules, take turns, and practice sportsmanship.

Here is a sample of the game:

1."This is a person who moves her body in time to music..."

2."Yes! OK, this little guy shoots arrows at you so you'll fall in love..."

3. "Right! Last one: This is like a shooting star. Halley has one named after him..."

Now it's a race to figure out what Dancer, Cupid and Comet all have in common! Who'll be the first to hit the buzzer and shout out the answer? They're Reindeer! When you're right your team scores, but if you're wrong you could really lose your marbles in this side-splitting race of wits!

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