.*(Expansion comes inside the box of the kickstarter edition of Viticulture)

  • 6 double-sided player mat extensions
  • 18 arbor cards (6 apple tree cards, 6 tomato vine cards, 6 olive tree cards)
  • 6 Wooden grande worker meeples (1 in each player color)
  • 6 Wooden heart morale tokens (1 in each player color)
  • 2 Identical punchboard heart tokens
  • 1 rule book (In English)

The Viticulture: Arboriculture Expansion essentially doubles the complexity of the game and adds about fifteen minutes to the overall playing time. More specifically, it adds olive oil, apples, and tomatoes – all of which are harvested on the fields just like grapes – but the extra crops are processed on an extension to the vineyard mat. (Unlike the game board, worker actions are unencumbered by other players on the vineyard mat extension.)

Eighteen new "arbor" cards are also added to the game in their own deck, with these cards being drawn by using the "draw a vine card" action. These additions add value to the wine orders and can be used to improve worker morale. (The workers aren't happy that they have been given additional duties.)

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