Super Motherload

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I'm not a fan of the art style, but the game is great... can't wait for expansions.... needs more boards.


Really impressed so far. This may very well be my favorite deck builder.


Best: 2 Time: 60-75 Min Weight: 2.29



2-4 players (best 2) 60-75 minutes


Fun deck builder with a tile laying exploration feel. Would highly recommend it.


Good clean deckbuilding fun. Not the deepest game (pun intended) but still one I enjoy immensely. Such great artwork.


As a fan of the MotherLoad online game, I was immediately entrenched in the theme of Super Motherload. Start your mining operation with next to nothing, stuck near the surface surrounded by low grade material, but after several passes you begin to turn your corps into a focused machine capable of lengthy drilling runs and huge (or precisely targeted) explosions. This drilling and bombing puzzle offers a slew of interesting options as do the asymmetric player decks. Unfortunately, drilling alone will not win the game, players must instead focus on achievements. The major achievements are quite boring, and divert focus from the most interesting parts of the game by demanding players pursue a handful of specific goals, which undoes the interesting aspects of the asymmetric decks. The minor achievements are a bit more interesting since they are often fun to complete and act as a short term race between the players. Overall, its a fun and nostalgic game, but without the legs to make it a staple.\