Valeria: Card Kingdoms


Monsters plague the land but the King is too weak to defend the kingdom of Valeria. It's up to you and your fellow Dukes to defend the realm while you simultaneously create the most influential city. Make your mark by slaying vile monsters, recruiting powerful citizens, and expanding your domain.

Roll the dice to activate the resource generating powers of the Citizen cards in each player's tableau based on matching the individual die values and the sum of both dice. That's right, every player can earn gold, strength, and magic on every turn.

On your turn, take two actions from the following:
* Slay a Monster for resources and victory points
* Recruit a Citizen to increase your tableau's earning potential
* Buy a Domain for victory points and immediate or long-term rewards; or just bank more resources.

Each action builds your engine and has the potential to earn victory points. Tailor your actions to your Duke's hidden goals and you may become the new ruler of Valeria: Card Kingdoms!

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