Valeria: Card Kingdoms

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This game was really fun! Easy to learn and get into there were multiple paths to victory and multiple ways to build your tableau. There are multiple different card types in the base box so you can mix and match to create new games each time.


A bit like Machi Koro with more meat. I think it has enough to entice once some expansions are added.


Weight: 1.96 / 5


So much better than Machi Koro it's not even funny.


Fun little tableau-building game. Easy to teach, easy to setup, easy to play. The artwork is great! Also has one of the best-designed inserts. Every time I play I have a blast. Would benefit from more content to extend replayability, happy to see an expansion in the works.


This game is my comfort food. It has the right balance of complexity vs. time. Even when I lose (the majority of the time) I still enjoy myself.


This game replaced Machi Koro on my shelf. Excellent artwork, fun gameplay, and quality components. Love the big chunky dice. My only complaint is it takes a while to set up/take down.


Kickstarter Project - Backed: 03/27/2015 - Funded: 04/09/2015 - Pledge Level: Pledge $49 or more: "KNIGHT -- One (1) copy of Valeria: Card Kingdoms with all unlocked stretch goals." - Payment: $49 - Survey: 08/12/2015 pledgemanager - Projected Delivery: 01/2016 - Shipped: Status: DELIVERED


A combination of Machi Koro dice rolling/card activation and Thunderstone market/monsters.


Takes the Machi Koro concept to an enjoyable level. Looking forward to picking up all the expansions soon.


W/ Exp: #1-5, Shadowvale (Preorder), #6 (Preorder) For how much I hate Machi Koro, I'm super into this game and I can't explain why. It feels like a much better game overall with a lot of replayability and a low threshold for getting new players involved.