After many months of out-of-print status, Polis returns to store shelves for further glory. Lauded worldwide as an "instant classic", Polis shook the gaming world in 2012 despite being available only in short supply. Now, Mercury Games resurrects this multiple award-winning game designed by Fran Diaz. Returning to the market for the first time in many months, Polis is once again set to challenge new players and delight past fans.

Assuming either the role of Athens, leading Democracy, or Sparta, leading Oligarchy, you must expand your Poleis League by bringing other neutral poleis to defend your cause through the use of diplomacy or force, lead your League in a reasonable manner and managing the resources at hand, and all while fighting against enemy hoplites!

You may be remembered as a strategos with unlimited prestige or you may be condemned to Ostrakismos for your actions. It's up to you!.

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Polis: Fight for the Hegemony

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