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by t2



I was skeptical before I ever played Tokaido and it kept me from playing for years. I'm sad that I waited so long, because it’s as beautiful as everyone said. Yes, it’s technically boring. No, there are not a lot of critical choices. However, even with those strikes against it its exactly what it sets out to be – an enjoyable shared journey. We’ve decided that Tokaido is a vacation simulator. There are a ton of things you want to do on your vacation but you can’t possibly do all of them so the way to have the best vacation ever is to focus on just the right activities.


There is something about this game that just is a joy to play. This makes a great family game, and I think the more you play the more you realize that there is more than meets the eye here, and that even a group of pretty serious gamers can enjoy working out their strategy as they play.


Seems a little linear in it's play without much opportunity for player decisions.


2-5 Best with 4/5


Sweet, lovely game. A bit of competition but nothing cut-throat.


This is a light, non-confrontational game that plays well with four (haven't tried with five). The interaction primarily consists of option denial, but oddly enough, it didn't seem at all mean or nasty. It's one of those "relaxing" games. I can't describe it any better than that.


Wonderful game. Beautiful, graceful, elegant. While there is play confrontation, it is subtle and thoughtful, not aggressive, which makes this one of my choices for taking new gamers a little deeper into the hobby.


Nice gateway game with beautiful art.




Point to point movement


Light game but fun to play with a new group.


This is a good game (with very beautiful design/art), but is very light. I think it just needs the right audience/setting to be fully enjoyed and appreciated. There is some strategy, but the choices are limited, so again you have to go into it knowing that it won't be an intense affair. For me, this works well as a family game with young kids (mine are in the 6 to 9 age range and they have fun with it).


A peaceful trek which is great for a quiet evening. Thinking seriously about upping the ante with the deluxe / collector's version since I truly enjoy the peaceful vibe of this game.


Beautiful game. It was just way too light for me and my group.


First play didn't grab me at all. Perhaps with more than 2 players, this game may grow on me.



2-5 player (best 4) 45 minutes


2-5, 45m


Candy Land for Japanophiles.


It looks beautiful, we enjoyed this online, but we never even got it out of the box after we bought it. 2 players is not the best count for this game, and I guess it is not as exciting as some of our other games. Update: moved it from 6 to 7 after playing with 5, mostly first-time players. It plays very nicely at that count. The beautiful art and relatively easy rules make a great game to play with less experienced gamers. The duration (45-60 mins) seems not that dependent on player count, so it does not outstay its welcome at 5.


2016-11-02 - Bought; 2016-08-12 - It's a fairly simple game with the "last person on the track goes first". This can lead to a player with more than one turn in succession. Every spot on the board will earn some sort of VP. It's kind of a race to collect sets (of food, landscapes, onsen, etc.) For me, this is a no stress, gentle game; it "flows". You are on your way from Tokyo to Kyoto (or vice versa) and you can choose how to wander. Visit temples, make donations, chit chat with other travelers, buy trinkets, visit onsen, paint/admire landscapes and stay at ryokan to enliven your spirit. Different enough from my regular interests to play every once in a while. 2016-08-30 - Increasing rating from 6 -> 7.5; enjoyable game and low stress; actually scratch that! It is a math game and has high stress!!


A fun, simple game that only gives you a few small decisions over the course of the game. Plays quickly, feels fairly scripted but an enjoyable experience none the less.


The elegant art and board design helps draw players in, but the rest of the game is too bland to maintain interest. Choosing and exploiting the various character abilities offers most of the game's intrigue and variety, but there is a lack of meaningful decisions throughout the remainder of play. The pervasive card drawing also provides too much unmitigable luck for my taste.


Fun game to play with wife.


(10/17) 5. I'd always heard this was more of a zen "experience" than a game and didn't think it was really for me. Upon finally playing it, I was pleasantly surprised to see there IS actually a decent game there. Still, a take it or leave it situation for me.