The Quacks of Quedlinburg

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A truly terrible name for a game. Even in German though this was a lot of fun! It didn't really do anything new, but the art was charming and the push-your-luck part was very fun. Strategy-wise maybe not so much...a few games in the basic strategy seems to be to get as many chips in your bag as possible early on. Even though there's a catch-up mechanic it never seems quite good enough and the rich continue to get richer. Even with that though, it's still enjoyable to play (think Potion Explosion). Every gamer already has five games that do everything this game does but none in this exact combination so I can see it having a good run.


That was pretty dumb, drawing your 3 first so often. Git gud, nub.


Won it at WashingCon




Game was better than the name and art projected. With a different theme and a better name I would probably want to have something like this in my collection. With those I would probably rate this an 8.


It's all been said. A new classic.


Press your luck


Currently my favorite game with newer gamers. One of the few games which has both some strategy, some push-your-luck and some laughs!


Surprisingly entertaining push your luck bag builder. The clever 'choose your poison if you bust' takes the punishment of busting into a viable strategic choice. Awesome.


Great for all different thinkers and gamers alike. So much variability and everyone likes to push their luck every once in a while! Well worth the cost.


Excellent bag building game. Each round/ turn you buy more ingredients to put in your bag. Draw ingredients and lets you do different things. Waiting for the upgraded bits from the store. Only con with the game is that it's anti-climactic and I wish I had more turns/ be able to buy more ingredients/ more pulls.