Imperial Board Game

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Wonderful economic management game. No plantations here--instead you bombard factories and enact the Schlieffen Plan. Tense, dense, and brutal, but I love every minute of it. It's awesome.


I have great memories of this game, but I also know it's somewhat broken by the Swiss Banker strategy. I want to play this again and make sure it's as good as I remember.


This definitely needs more table time, but it's finding the players to make it happen. Imperial 2030 is something I'm looking at for Essen in 2009. We'll see if that comes home with me.


A unique blend of light "Risk style" wargame with economic overtones. I find it very unique and enjoyable that you aren't tied to a country or color.


First game for all involved. One decided it was a bad game and left partway through. One important thing to keep track of is who has control of each country, during our game we had three countries change hands within a couple of rounds. After a second game it seems more important that you invest wisely, keep control of a country so you have the choice of doing things, but also aim to have shares in the "best" country so you earn well at the end.




Kind of like 1856 meets Risk which kind of sounds like more work than fun to me. The strategy is pretty deep, so this is really the kind of game that should probably get played a lot by the same people. Just remember, you don't have to own the best country, just lots of stock in most of the best countries.


Fun Game. Would Play again. Don't think I'll be purchasing it.


A Winsome-like train game disguised as an area control/weuro game. Opaque, but not so much that it's completely out of reach for new players. But get caught up in the area-control trap and you'll lose to someone who is just making the best investments. On the fence about the Investor Card debate. I lean toward playing without it.


War profiteers during the Great War, issuing bonds, influencing national and international decisions, and making their millions with no thought to the lives ruined or lost. Deeply cynical theme in an intensive investment game. Play [i]without[/i] the Investor card!


2008-06-22 - Finally played this for the first time since I got it; a bit more than a year! What an absolute gem of a game. First play was solo with "2 players" and it wrapped up in about 3 hours with rules clarifications. Confused at first about the game but it is pretty much a train game. I'm rating this 8.5 for now; I don't see this rating go down. 2007-06-15 - Bought 2010-10-16 - Sold at Fallcon 23 2011-10-15 - Bought (again) at Fallcon 24