Cursed Court board game
The intrigues of the realm's greater nobility are a subject of fixation, even obsession, for the minor nobles whose fortunes can be elevated - or shattered - by what happens at court.

In Cursed Court players wager their limited influence across the courtly seasons. As the machinations of the nine key nobles are progressively revealed, their fortunes rise and fall. After three years, a winner is crowned.

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  • Pretty fun deduction game. Simple rules and can play with larger groups.
  • Cursed Court is fine. The huge chips are nice and the game flows easily. It's more robust than The Game of 49, but is that better?
  • This flew under the radar and it shouldn't have. Cursed Court's aesthetics and theme are decent at best, but the gameplay is fantastic. The easiest way to teach the game is to just play one round. Then everyone will be bluffing and speculating and bumping each other like they've done it their whole lives. Also the production is great, though you could probably kill someone with those crowns.
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