Go up, go up!...Now diagonally down...Stop!...Not so fast... This innovative vertical holder with interchangeable game boards and magnetic game pieces allows you to play three fun, action-packed games. The games are played in teams, with one team playing at a time. One teammate must move the guide magnet on the backside of the game board, while the other teammate sees the driven magnet move on the front of the board. This teammate must communicate with the teammate who is controlling the magnet and tell him or her how to move the magnet despite not being able to see where it is going! The players must complete the game challenge without the magnet falling into the holes or going in to the wrong spot.

In the "Jungle Race" game, the object is speed: Which team can complete the perilous course through the jungle the fastest? But make sure you don't crash or fall off the edges!

In the "Golf" game, the object is precision: How many strokes does the team need to to take to reach the hole? But be careful, there are traps everywhere!

In the "Stone Age Gatherers" game, players must collect as many materials as possible in a given time in order to build objects with them. Who can assemble the most valuable collection? The game includes cooperative variants and special rules for two-player games.

1 Mag-O-Mag Stand
1 Back Wall
3 Game Boards
2 Corner Pieces
1 Guide Magnet
1 Drive Magnet
3 Team Boards
6 Flag Tiles
61 Point Chips
72 Collection Chips
15 Object Tiles
1 Golf Club with Distance Indicator
1 Large Gray Marker Cube
10 Small Gray Marker Cubes
4 Wooden Disks
1 Suction Cup Spacer
1 Rulebook

MSRP: $39.95Lowest: $26.25

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