Friedrich board game

Defeat Prussia before the Tsarina dies! Or be Frederick the Great and struggle for survival with a mixture of courageous willpower, sudden inspiration and stoic patience.

It is the summer of 1756. On the eve of the Seven Years War, half of Europe has formed and alliance. Frederick the Great is in deep sorrow: Is the annihilation of Prussia planned? Is it Prussia's defeat or is it Prussia's glory? All against one. But only one will reign supreme.

On a map of Old Europe, players maneuver their generals from city to city. Frederick must retain part of each Prussian province, while the attacking powers savagely seek out their objectives. The clever use of tactical cards is decisive in winning. 

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  • 2 plays so far and I really like this game. A few in my group aren't as enthusiastic as me, complaining about down time and balance.
  • Elegant. The best compliment I can give. Simple, yet incredibly deep. It's a great introduction to historical wargaming.
  • Simple euro/wargame hybrid with my favorite combat system. The constraints on the non-Prussian players are difficult to manage toward victory, and playing Prussia is can be a nightmare. Two major downsides: First the length-to-depth ratio. If Prussia is doing well, this game can go interminably long. I understand the unpredictable length is part of the "game," but Friedrich is just a grind once you hit four hours. Second: Playing as Russia can go from fun and stressful to interminable bore if the Tsarina dies early. Getting stuck with Sweden for an undefined number of turns is just brutal, and almost indicates that Friedrich might be better as a 3p game. And if I'm playing this 3p, then I'd really prefer Maria, which drastically improved on this game. Trade condition notes: Excellent condition

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