Fields of Arle

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Have the Tea & trade expansion.


We absolutely love this game—such of a mind boggler! It definitely triggers my partner & my analysis paralysis in a really good way.


1-2, 90m


It's not a very [i]deep[/i] game, but it's an incredibly [i]wide[/i] game with seemingly untold ways to score points. Oddly, while I normally dislike sandbox games with "multiple paths to victory," the fact that you are can choose a [i]thematic[/i] path gives the game an identity that isn't there in most other MPS point salads. It's a peaceful, almost relaxing euro optimization puzzle. Fields of Arle manages to invert the Agricola experience from Subsistence Farmer to Abundance Farmer in a mostly pleasant way. Trade condition notes: Excellent condition


Fields of Arle is a sandbox game by every definition. The options are vast and players are exposed to every aspect of the game from their first action. There is no variable setup or randomized objectives to guide a player's early decisions, forcing them to rely on their imagination to guide them. This expansive decision space is incredibly daunting and makes the game feel too open, but the game is actually quite tight, in the sense that each action and resource is vital. There are several paths to pursue, but varied play is purely in the hands of the players. The Fields of Arle are a place of exploration and experimentation, and if one finds a friend with whom to share the adventure they will have little reason to leave.