The American Prohibition Period have been marked by a terrific escalation of violence and by a limitation of citizen's freedom.

Will you be able to take advantage of this situation and to emerge from anonymity? Will you be able to build your legacy? Will you promote your own interest or will you follow the law?

Citizens is a EuroGame width a strong direct and indirect interaction. The game round is composed by as many turns as the number of players. Each player performs the following 3 moves:
draw a TURN card, choose and perform an action between those still available and score any Victory Point, legality point or money gained.

The TURN card shows a simplified sketch of the 9 neighbourhoods of the map board. Thee colours of the card show the activated neighborhoods and, subsequently, the active players.The player/s who own business in the neighbourhood indicated by the colour of the current year is defined active and can perform the
action chosen by the current player.

Each player gains VP starting new business in a neighborhoods and selling the barrels.

Victory can be achieved in 2 different ways: a player catches the next player on his left on the VP track and at the end of the 12th turn (year) determining who has scored the most VPs.

—description from the designer

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Citizens United States of America 1920-1933

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