Lost Cities

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I like the "feel" of this game. It's good for what it is, but it has a hard time competing against more thematic games.


by t2

Gift from LD 12/09. I see a lot of similarities to Canasta.


Easy to learn and easy to teach.


60 lamorac


Very fun relaxing two player game that can cause tension, but not super stressful. At first, can be a little mathy when adding up the scores, but once you get the hang of it can be really fun. Definitely a lighter game that you need to play multiple times in order to build a strategy for the game. love playing this game with my girlfriend who tends to kill me everytime.


Excelent! Is the best game for playing with the family! We all love it!


Fun, pretty quick 2 player. Make use of the board to temporarily stash cards you want back. That's how my friend beats me all the time.


Very nice gateway game, and a good way to fill a bit of time. Surprisingly agonizing and cutthroat. Can get a bit boring after a while; just don't overdo it.


Simple, yet addictive. Very fast play and very easy rules.


Just learned this on BSW. What a great, quick playing card game! Great for a short break, or for a longer points contest.


Kosmos two-player series People's Choice Top 100 2012 #45 Tom Vasel's Top 100 2012 #25


2/26/18: Great, quick 2 player game and easy to set up. This will rotate with Jaipur


Quick, Knizia, and the kids enjoy it. Thus, I enjoy it.


The couple's champion game hits yet another home!!


Apart from the simple rules I don't understand why this is the "definitive couples game" There is quite a bit of math to work out return on expeditions, you don't really have to talk to your opponent at all, and there is no difficulty in holding back cards you can see your opponent wants simply to make it harder for them.


Just a tremendous two-player game. Easy to teach to nongamers. Nicely strategic. Still an abstract despite the thin theme, which pretty much entirely consists of the (very nice) art.


I feel like there isn't a lot there. All the choices are kind of obvious.


good 2-player filler game. tough decisions on what card to play (or discard) and when best to play it.




Light and quick playing, but I would rather play Arboretum at any opportunity over this. Box has an indent/cut in the center of box top. Components undamaged.


Location: Kallax


The quintessential two player card game. A nice mechanism and short game.


My wife & I enjoy this game a lot. We have had it for quite awhile & still enjoy it each time we play. We also enjoy playing the partnership game. And we've tried a 3-Player Variant that we also enjoy.


2-player only


by hana

with 6th player expedition


Really solid game. My wife and I really enjoy it. The only problem I have is that the game feels too tense in the beginning. It's a weird problem to have, but I get the feeling every time I play. I feel like I have too much to do at the beginning, and not enough information to know how to do it. Like my success in the game is determined too much by the cards I randomly draw. It's a weird feeling, how it's really tense in the beginning, but lessens as the game goes on, and you know more information about the game state.


Not a great game. It is basically gamified Racko. But for some reason I love it. My wife and I play it a lot on dates, and we can talk and have a good time doing it.


Played this many times with my wife. Acceptable filler for me, endless source of amusement for her. Especially when she wins. Which she does. A lot.


Classic 2 player push your luck design that entirely hinges around the decision to commit to a color, or wait till you get better cards before committing.  Exquisitely designed, this makes that one simple choice an agonizing decision each and every turn (and you will ALWAYS draw that 7 right after you play your 8)!  I prefer Battle Line, but this is pretty damn good too.


Classic Knizia, but not my favorite Knizia. It's a bit too reliant on the draws for my tastes. Still a good game, but not a great one.


My gf loves to play this and I learned to enjoy it, too. It's a quick two player card game, with some strategy and a little more luck involved. The luck aspect is what lowers the rank of this one a little but I'm enjoying this game a lot now.


7. Initial rating. Quick filler, lacking in theme or fun.


Missed that you can pick up a discarded card for MANY games. Better.


Best 2v2 card game ever? I like the 2 player, but the 4 player is what earns this such a high score for me. Trading cards with a teammate and trying to work together to efficiently play your cards is a great challenge. Warning: fun to play with spouse teams, but likely to cause strong emotions (+ or -) "GAH I was gonna play there!!! You didn't give me a chance!" "That's cause we were out of time! I can't read your mind!" Excellent.


2 players 20 minutes


Mathy and boring. Not sure how this gets rated so highly.


I just don't like it!


It’s fairly simple but we enjoy the strategy of the this game—and especially love that it’s so quick to play.


A game design with solid theory and good game flow. Players will experience lots of turn angst as the decision making is tough. Buy Lost cities!


One of the games we have had the longest. Played so many times. Will always love this one.


Do not understand the love for this game. I'd rather play nothing than play this.


Some games just don't work. This was a massive disappointment, because all of the hype here on BGG said it would work awesomely for a married couple. It was terrible, stressful, and overly complicated. For better "play with the wife" card games, try En Garde, Battle Line, Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper, Court of the Medici, Triumvirate, Haggis or even Cribbage instead.


Really good game and instantly turned into one of my wife's favorites. Edit 7/10/18: had to downgrade this game since battle line has the same tension but is just better


A simple 2 player game. Easy to learn.


[Pending to sleeve]


While the theme is light at best, it's still a ton of fun. One of the best light two-player games out there.


This was the game that introduced me to Euro-style games. I loved it right away and still do, although I don't play it as much now. It's a great couples game, one of the few I can get my wife to play regularly. My mom even likes it. Very addictive, not overly complicated, with just the right amount of luck. Play it at flexgames.com before you buy to get a feel for it. I think you'll find that you can't quit playing.


Love the "play or discard" mechanic, and the tension and agony it subjects on to the players. Sometimes its a bit slow when both players are playing conservatively, but aggressive play can really score some huge totals (at the risk of negative points, though). A must-own 2p game for most, and a must-try for all.


My wife really likes this one. Not a whole lot of depth here but a fun 30 minute game to pass the time.


We keep seeing this at our FLGS and I keep eyeing it. Now that I have Arboretum, a few plays of that will determine if this one is worthy to keep on the shelf.


Scandanavian Edition


Fun game, played only on BSW, theme doesn't really pull through but the gameplay is fun. Such a decision each turn makes your brain hurt.