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Addictive and challenging game that plays really well with all numbers, including 2 players!


I need to play this! Someone play this with me!


It moves at a nice clip, and the dice system is indeed rather innovative (it's not as similar to Kingsburg as people would have you believe). The cards do provide an awful lot of variability. The biggest strike against Troyes for me is that the game feels too much like point-mongering--there are 27 ways to score points, and your job is to eke slightly more points out of each transaction. That's not bad per se, but I'm a little burned out on such exercises--which I guess goes to show how much of a jaded Eurogamer I am, because Troyes really does have a fair number of strengths.


1.5 x


Excellent combination of dice rolling and worker placement.


Remarkable game.


Need to play this again. The one play we have is a demo at a con last year.


Expansions: Ladies of Troyes


FOR SALE FOR TRADE Fantastic use of dice. The randomness makes the decisions different each time. Many tough decisions to make.


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This game is just so good. I really like how each play is so different. This game is begging for expansions. update: And as predicted, the expansion is awesome!


We very much enjoyed the game. The decisions are really difficult and require a lot of thinking. It works really well as a 2-player game. I love the illustration style, but my gaming partner does not. Either way the component quality is fantastic.


Stressful straightjacket dice drafting point salad. Lack of resources can be frustrating, especially in the four-player game where they become incredibly scarce.


One of my favorite games. Great depth, huge replay value. Love it.


A notable implementation of dice placement. With new cards becoming available each game, and various (though secret) scoring cards, variety is aplenty. However, the random drawing of actions cards injects loads of unnecessary randomness that players cannot anticipate and strategize around. The secret scoring card mechanic is neat and adds a layer of auxiliary strategy. This thoughtful gameplay more than makes up for the rather stale setting and flat art style. I like this game quite a bit, but it is simply outdone by its competition (most notably Steampunk Rally and Discoveries), making it difficult to justify much table time.


(9/16) 9. (10/17) 9. A fantastic "dice worker" placement game. A true Euro with plenty of ways to mitigate bad rolls, but with a lot of cool player interaction. Also, lots of cool tactical decisions to be made. Love the different events and general variability. My #20 game of all time.