Cockroach Poker

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Played this once, which was alright. It's basically a bluffing game. It's not bad and looks alright, but certainly not a must have for me. I rate it 6.5/10 for now,


An absolute gem of a filler! Takes 1 minute to explain, but the gameplay is tremendous fun. A real pity that this is so hard to find in Canada or the US.


I played about 10 games of this with non-gaming family members. It's decent but I don't really feel compelled to play again. It's pretty light with a lot of guesswork. There is some skill involved though in knowing who to try and trick with what. There is a file here on BGG to use this game to play Skull and Roses.


Pretty fun, for being so simple. Perhaps pure bluffing games ought to be stupid, though--I much prefer something like this to Liar's Poker (a bit overwrought) or Coup (where lying isn't necessary). That said, there is some glimmer of tactics behind the stupidity, which is very impressive.


[Light-Medium, Bluffing] Kinda fun game but requires lying which I'm a bit uncomfortable with.


A twist on the bluffing style "poker" game that changes what you're betting on. Played in a group of 3; would love to try this at a full table. Hilarity would ensue!


Not going to be good for people that can't lie well, or tell when others are. But the five of us that played the games I have recorded here all had a lot of fun, even with four of us learning. It seemed to take longer than it should have, come the end I was tiring of it. But I did play two in a row so it was obviously okay at the time.




Bluffing games just do not work for us.


The purest form of bluffing game.


Location: Kallax


Silly game to play just for laughs.


by hana

On loan to Rena


2-6 Players 20 Minutes


There really isn't much game here, and there are better games with 1 loser, but most of them aren't quite so funny. As a card game this is really weak but I can excuse that with the right group and a bit of booze.


Love this game, but a few small issues: 1. The early game isn't super important. Makes it a bit longer than it needs to be. 2. Its easy to gang up on one person. Thematic, but the game can focus on just one player which is less fun.


This was fun in a crazy way but still not much to it. This game really needs a "mood" to it and if players are not in the same "mood" or "vibe" as you are, expect a long drawn out and perhaps rather painful game.


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(10/16) 8. (9/17) Drop to 6. A really good bluffing game, but I don't think others like it as much and it has fallen just a bit flat recently.


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