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Love the dynamic map and tensions with people next to you.


7.5 after 1 play. There is certainly a lot going on, which meant we had to work as a team to stop us loosing to revolt. Personally feel the revolt card is unbalanced due to this. We did not use this card and glad we didn't. Player objectives quickly took 2nd place to the crisis cards appearing. Would like to play again, however, couldn't initially suggest what i would or could do different. Not had a chance to play again myself, but feedback has been that revolt card is not as bad as I thought. After 3rd play, this has begun to grow on me. It certainly has hidden depths and your gaming group will also change the game perceptions as bidding is a key element. Changing rating to a 7.8 for now.


This game is so close to being great. The semi-cooperative aspect is just awful, though.


Wow! What a very good civilization game. If you have play something akin to Axis and Allies and want to move up in complexity without being overwhelmed, this is the game for you. This a rare game where players are cooperating and competing against one another. Great strategy game with good design and tight mechanics.


There is a lot going on here. The semi cooperation seems to be very nicely implemented.


Wellbalanced semi-coop game. Love it ALOT!