Freedom: The Underground Railroad

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I am not good at this. I am just not able to work out a good strategy for how to attack the problem of the slave catchers.


I'm giving this game such a high rating not on the game mechanics itself (which would probably be around a 7), but on what the game attempts to accomplish. This game (IMO) is trying to emulate the thoughts and feelings of working the underground railroad, and to provide historical context from which to do so. In that regard, the tension, and feeling of helplessness is spot on. The component quality is top tier; this game will last. The only reason I'm taking points off is because this game does not offer much in terms of variability. Sure, the abolitionists cards might be different, but that's not enough IMO. Beyond that, this is a great game, and one I can't wait to show off to everyone I know.


by Jsil

Condition: Excellent. Edition: Freedom: The Underground Railroad ‐ English first edition (2013)


Interactive cooperative puzzle. Lost the first solo play. Won the 2 player easy game (but got some rules wrong). Won the 3 player easy game, just !


1-4 players 60-120 mnutes


We tried it at a game night, but it was a bit too heavy. Better for an evening set aside explicitly to play this.


Rescuing and smuggling slaves to safety in the American South during the 19th century. Great, important theme, moderately interesting co-op gameplay.


(2/17) 7. (10/17) Drop to 6. A powerful game to be sure, but it fell flat the last time I brought it out and I haven't felt the urge to bring it back to the table.


Amazing game and history lesson. It makes you feel overwhelmed most of the game. The theme hits pretty hard when you have to sacrifice a slave to save a few others.