Century: Golem Edition

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Weight: 1.67 / 5Includes neoprene mat


Gorgeous game. Easy to teach and learn. Nice entry level game for family and friends. It's basically a not ugly version of Splendor.


Super easy to teach and play


First modern baordgame my wife and I got... and got us hooked!


by sky

Beautiful game, both in terms of aesthetics and mechanics.


Fantastic art and engaging play. A nice lightweight game.


Swapped with the original Century for the art style. Played the new copy, and really enjoyed the upgraded art. Definitely a standout difference. Look forward to getting the rest of the trilogy in Golem editions.


Perhaps in the minority here, but I like Spice Road's more "serious" tone and dislike the cartoony illustrations of Golem Edition.


Pretty crystals, great art, and a fun mechanic. A bunch of fun to play.


Best: 3 Time: 30-45 Min Weight: 1.62


by hana

Played Alicia and Matt's copy. Super fun light engine building game that replaces Splendor.


Deck building


I really enjoy the card play and fast choices to be made. Players MUST pay attention because turns come around quickly!


Beautiful game, both in terms of aesthetics and mechanics.


This purchase paid itself over three times in the first weekend. Beautiful, accessible and fun for everyone who I've played with.


Super simple, but has some interesting depth as you race towards purchasing the golems vs other players and build a card engine. Very nice art and components. Easy setup, cleanup, easy to teach, easy to play, lots of fun for an intro level engine building card drafting eurogame.


Not a Splendor killer. It is not even a very entertaining engine builder because all you get is is more resource/action efficiency, not actual resources. That is not very exciting. Playing Century, I look at my hand of cards and the goal cards. Do I have the cubes to claim a goal? No. Can I play a card to get the cubes? It will take 7 plays and 3 resets. Is that a good number of turns? Can my opponent claim the card in less than 10 turns? Will the cards in the market speed that up? I don't know and I don't care.


A fun, solid, light table game that has served as a great gateway game for my friends. I have even gotten parents to play this one. While not complex, it is still interesting and engaging. This version simply has a better them and components for me than the Spice Road version.


Just the same game as Century Spice Road but prettier - overall boring game that is won by whoever is lucky to get the cards that give extra cubes by not trading and then lucks on getting golems.


Ultra Pro Sleeved.


(11/17) 7. A solid game in the "Splendor" style with a handful of resources that can be upgraded and turned in for cards. I don't think it's quite a Splendor killer, but I think I'd prefer to play it over Splendor, at least for now. The Golem edition is probably my preferred one, though I don't understand the need for two editions with completely different art styles.


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